Please download his new album, now!


C418, the musician behind the (in)famous sounds of Minecraft has released a new album titled ‘Life Changing Moments Seem Minor In Pictures’ and he is releasing it for just a dollar!

It is a great listen! You should go download his album, now!

Welcome to The Independent Games Musicians Network!

Welcome to The Independent Games Musicians Network (TIGMN for short). 

A few introductions are in order. First off TIGMN is a site that is dedicated to bringing news, networking, and anything else helpful to the indie music community. Second, my name is KM and I run this site. I am an indie musician myself also. My hope is to make this site a bustling community for indie musicians to enjoy themselves, to promote networking with other indie musicians and to have the site be in general a help to indie musicians across the globe.

I hope you stick around and enjoy this site that is sure to grow :D

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