Artoon Original Soundtrack

Do you like dance music? Do you like rave music? Do you like anosou? Of course you do!


You can get the things you like in one convenient little package. This package is called the Artoon Original Soundtrack. The sound track is all zipped up and ready to go. My personal favorite track is “The Future From Ten Years Ago (Metropolis)”. While a little on the short side, the soundtrack is a great listen if you’re in the mood to dance.

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Legend of Princess Soundtrack

You remember that game with the elf who for some reason had pink hair, a magical sword and had to save the princess? No not that game! This game! That’s right, if you didn’t know already konjak released the whole Legend of Princess soundtrack for free. All you have to do is download  the conveniently packed zip file. Don’t forget to play the game if you haven’t already. It’s free and very awesome.



Tracks from ‘You Have No Legs’ Released – Free


If you played You Have No Legs you probably noticed the awesome music that came with it. Well guess what. Now you can download the tracks and put them in your playlist! Yoshi Miyamoto (Pocket Groovy) has put up the songs he did in the game as a free download.

If you like epic music, these are four tracks that you’ll very much want. Listen to the tracks right now. :D

*Edit: Pocket Groovy had asked me to change the link to his SoundCloud site and didn’t realize you couldn’t download the songs there. Sorry about that. You can download the tracks here.

The TIGMN List of Chiptune Resources

This article will be bumped up in the blog when updated as I will add resources as they are found. I’ll put a little updated tag beside whatever is new.

Hey. Do you like chiptune music? Who doesn’t, right? Well guess what. This list is exclusive to chiptune trackers, plugins and any other great chiptune resources to help you make your very own chiptune music! Let’s begin.

Bit Rat – Test Subject – Free Album


Bit Rat (Josiah Tobin) has come up with an absolutely awesome chip-tune inspired album that he has very generously released for free.

This album is so filled with fantastic music that I can’t suggest you download it, no, I demand that you download it, it’s that good. Highlights of the album include Bait Theif, Who Can Stop Us? (Feat. MC Fen & Norrin Radd), Cheque, Please, and Ultramarine. If you like chip tunes infused with rock, you’ll love this.

Seriously, you’ll love this.

Download it, now. >:)

Many thanks.

I just wanted to take a second to thank a couple sites that have helped TIGMN in it’s opening days.  The shout out goes to Indie Review and Pixel Prospector who were very awesome enough to give TIGMN a helping hand. Cheers go out to them.

I’d also like to thank the visitors coming to the site. The site is getting more popular each day thanks to you people. And the more the site grows, the more it’ll give back to the community. So this cheer goes out to you, the readers. Here’s to looking forward to all the things to come.

The music of Fishbane.


Alexander Martin or better known by Droqen in the indie community was an awesome enough fellow to release the music for his fantastic game Fishbane. You can download all the songs from the game and listen to some bonus tracks that were never heard before. If you like retro chiptunes, you should love these.

And it’s name your price to download the whole thing in just about any format you please. Check it out.

The forums are up!

Like hanging out at forums? Like hanging out at TIGMN? Now you can do both, at the very SAME time! Introducing the forums!

I just put up the forums, so don’t expect much chatting going on in there. (Unless you’re reading this from the future… how is that flying car working out for you anyway?)

Feel free to sign up and post to your heart’s desire.


Warlock Bentspine Album out now!


If you like those good ol’ game tracks from years past you’re gonna love Phlogiston’s album for Warlock Bentspine. Tracks like Destrocan stage and the Boss theme remind me of the NES Megaman games. No matter how you swing it, if you like old school chip tunes, you’re gonna like the album. It also comes with two tracks not found in the game. And it’s free. Bonus. :D