Antigravity by Zircon Review

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Next on my list of albums from the many, many albums from the Indie game Music Bundle is the Antigravity by Zircon (don’t worry, there’s no viruses on his site.) The album was released May 10th 2007, so it’s been around a good while now. Zircon is a judge at the very awesome OCRemix and due to him having a lot of tracks on OCR I have been listening to his music for the last 7 years or so.

Extreme Road Trip Soundtrack Review

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Okay, this is gonna be a short one, mostly because the OST of the game is so short. Here we have the Extreme Road Trip Soundtrack by Souleye of VVVVVV fame.

The songs:

First up we have the Title track. It’s a funky tune with some 80s sounding guitar thrown in. For some reason I keep thinking of a slowed down battle theme from Lunar: Silver Star when I hear the guitar kick in, just you know, with more realistic guitar sounds. Or I could just be going crazy…

Last Chance for Savings (Plus a bonus 4 albums)

Here’s your last chance for savings with the Indie Game Music Bundle! And as an added bonus for the last day, they have 4 new albums for people who paid $10 and over!  The 4 new albums are: Circle by C418, Cardboard Box Assembler by anosou, Songs for the Cure ’11: Remedy by Various Artists, and Undead on Arrival: Bytejacker OST by Hyperduck Soundworks. Get them while they’re hot, as they’ll be gone in a few hours.

The Indie Game Music Bundle!

Guess what we’ve got for Black Friday? That’s right, we’ve got the Indie Game Music Bundle! For one day only you can get 10 super awesome albums for $1! One dollar! Of course with every bundle you could (and should) pay more for the amount of entertainment you receive. As an added bonus you get 7 other albums if you pay $10 or more. Yep, 17 albums and soundtracks for $10. That’s about 59 cents an album, which honestly, you’re not gonna find a deal like that anywhere else with music this awesome.

Cobalt EP Review

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Happy turkey devouring day, you Americans! Here we have the EP for the game Cobalt by anosou. This album consists entirely of the main theme, trailer theme and remixes of the main theme by quite a few notables in the indie game music community.

To start off, I’ll let everyone know that when it comes to remix albums, I judge the remixes harder than the original song as I believe a remix should bring something to the song that the original doesn’t have. Also, I’m gonna try a individual song rating for this review as I was thinking of adding those in with my reviews. Let me know what you think of the idea by leaving a comment below or tweeting me @TIG_Tunes. With that said, let’s do the review.

25YEARLEGEND: A Legend of Zelda Indie Game Composer Tribute Review

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Well usually I won’t post a review about an album with non-indie game music in it, but for this I’ll make an exception.

Here we have 25YEARLEGEND: A Legend of Zelda Indie Game Composer Tribute (long title, I know) which is a Legend of Zelda remix album by some of the biggest names in indie game music. On the roster we have *deep breath* Big Giant Circles, C418, DisasterpeaceDong, HyperDuck SoundWorksJeff BallJosh WhelchelJoshua MorseLaura ShigiharaMagnus Pålsson, Mattias Häggström Gerdt, Air & Sea, MisfitChris Kozilek Gryzor87CTPLRMatheus Manente and Rekcahdam. Most of these people need no introduction and I have made several posts about ,most the roster’s work’s already (Disasterpeace, C418, Dong, Josh Whelchel, Laura Shigihara, Mattis Häggström Gerdt). Also a shout out to Mecha @ HyperDuck SoundWorks for helping out with the site on occasion (:D) who is also on the roster as well.

Ultimate Songs From The Pit Review

I’ve been listening to Shael Riley from OCRemix for a long time, so long I think I was in juniour high. When I found out he came out with a game inspired rock and chip tune album, I knew I had to review it.

The album is called Ultimate Songs from the Pit. It was done with Shael Riley and his Mortal Kombat inspired band The Double Ice Backfire. the album also includes vocal talents of Schaffer the DarklordBrian MazzaferriMega Ran, and Billy the Fridge.

To The Moon Original Soundtrack Review

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When I went to review this album, I was feeling pretty pissed off at the world and just ready to tell anyone to F’ off. When the world starts over whelming me and I get hit with what is probably considered sensory overload, everything just feels like crap to me. When I started listening to this album, I immediately felt better.

The album I’m referring to is the Soundtrack of To The Moon.

Ravenmark: Scourge of Estellion Original Soundtrack Review

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…And we’re back, just in time for 11.11.11! As you may have seen before, I mentioned the Ravenmark: Scourge of Estellion soundtrack  by Josh Whelchel was coming out today, so I’m bringing you the review on the same day!

First thing you’ll notice with the album is that it has a very symphonic feel to pretty much the entire album. But, unlike the usual game with a soundtrack that sounds like it was ripped straight from ‘Medival Epic Fantasy Movie X’ this symphonic soundtrack actually sounds like it was made for a game. And that is probably one of the best compliments you can get when attempting an album like this.