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Last Chance for Savings (Plus a bonus 4 albums)

Here’s your last chance for savings with the Indie Game Music Bundle! And as an added bonus for the last day, they have 4 new albums for people who paid $10 and over! ┬áThe 4 new albums are: Circle by C418, Cardboard Box Assembler by anosou, Songs for the Cure ’11: Remedy by Various Artists, and Undead on Arrival: Bytejacker OST by Hyperduck Soundworks. Get them while they’re hot, as they’ll be gone in a few hours.

The Indie Game Music Bundle!

Guess what we’ve got for Black Friday? That’s right, we’ve got the Indie Game Music Bundle! For one day only you can get 10 super awesome albums for $1! One dollar! Of course with every bundle you could (and should) pay more for the amount of entertainment you receive. As an added bonus you get 7 other albums if you pay $10 or more. Yep, 17 albums and soundtracks for $10. That’s about 59 cents an album, which honestly, you’re not gonna find a deal like that anywhere else with music this awesome.