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The forums are up!

Like hanging out at forums? Like hanging out at TIGMN? Now you can do both, at the very SAME time! Introducing the forums!

I just put up the forums, so don’t expect much chatting going on in there. (Unless you’re reading this from the future… how is that flying car working out for you anyway?)

Feel free to sign up and post to your heart’s desire.


Warlock Bentspine Album out now!


If you like those good ol’ game tracks from years past you’re gonna love Phlogiston’s album for Warlock Bentspine. Tracks like Destrocan stage and the Boss theme remind me of the NES Megaman games. No matter how you swing it, if you like old school chip tunes, you’re gonna like the album. It also comes with two tracks not found in the game. And it’s free. Bonus. :D

Please download his new album, now!


C418, the musician behind the (in)famous sounds of Minecraft has released a new album titled ‘Life Changing Moments Seem Minor In Pictures’ and he is releasing it for just a dollar!

It is a great listen! You should go download his album, now!

Welcome to The Independent Games Musicians Network!

Welcome to The Independent Games Musicians Network (TIGMN for short). 

A few introductions are in order. First off TIGMN is a site that is dedicated to bringing news, networking, and anything else helpful to the indie music community. Second, my name is KM and I run this site. I am an indie musician myself also. My hope is to make this site a bustling community for indie musicians to enjoy themselves, to promote networking with other indie musicians and to have the site be in general a help to indie musicians across the globe.

I hope you stick around and enjoy this site that is sure to grow :D

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