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Cave Story Remix Project 2



Against my better judgement from the lack of a response I’ve received from non-musician fans of IVGM, I’m gonna go with a test run of trying the site out again. We’ll see how it goes.

I decided that I might as well pick up right where I left off and review the Cave Story Remix Project2!

Unfortunately I can’t say this version is at the same par as the original.

Cave Story Remix Project



*** The MP3 links need to be replaced. It’s on the todo list.***

I got a real treat for you for this weekend. That treat is the Cave Story Remix Project!

Almost all your favorite tunes from Cave Story have been meticulously crafted into an awesomely mighty remixed indie game soundtrack! It has a little dance, a little chip and a whole lotta rock. You should be plenty pleased with this soundtrack as it comes with 3 discs in total, 2 being the soundtrack proper and the last being a bonus remix disc by k-wix.

Immortal Defense OST



Here we have the Immortal Defense OST by Walter Eres and Long Dao for Immortal Defense by Paul Eres.


The soundtrack has a very movie soundtrack feel to it, so if you’re one to like symphonic movie OSTs then you are sure to like the Immortal Defense OST!

Legend also has it that Walter Eres is infact the father of Paul Eres. Now that’s got to be one of the most awesome dad things to do ever, by helping to make a soundtrack for your son’s video game. :D

NyxQuest OST

Wanna play a game? Well if you want to get this free album I tracked down, you’ll have to.

That’s right, the site hosting the NyxQuest OST makes you take a quiz on Ancient Greek Mythology and get all 3 questions right in order to get the album. Are you up to the challenge? Game FAQs on stand by? Are you ready? Then go… on ahead and read my short review of the soundtrack first. :D

8bit Killer OST

Sorry about the lack of updates but I was waiting until Monday to start posting new music on schedule. So since it’s Monday, here we go.

I was plodding through a few indie games when I came across this soundtrack. It’s the soundtrack from the 8bit Killer game. It’s full of chiptuney goodness reminisce of the NES of the past such as Megaman and Castlevania. If you like the soundtracks of those NES series, then chances are you’ll like 8bit Killer’s soundtrack.

Haiku Hero song, I will play it for you now. Totally awesome!


Sorry about the lack of updates lately, I’ve been working on some posts that honestly have been taking more than a day to put together. I’ll have some music to post this weekend too.

Until then I will leave you with a song to relieve your agitations and stress. It is Sketch, the main song from the Haiku Hero game made by Montoli. The song was made by Kristin Miltner. Please enjoy.


Jables’s Adventure OST

Jables’s Adventure just came out recently, it’s a short humourous  platformer where the hero is a kid with a squid on his head (but it looks more like an octopus to me…) and it’s his job to go on a adventure to slap kid’s hands, bother mermaids and shoot bears, sometimes under water! But guess what else just happen to come out a few days after the game. That’s right, the full game soundtrack. :D


Postive Force - PPPPPP

VVVVVV, a very awesome indie puzzle platformer came out on steam on Sept 7th. Like most things, I’m late to the party and just playing this game for the first time. One thing I did notice was the kick ass chip tune soundtrack that it had, so I decided to review the VVVVVV OST album which is called PPPPPP by Souleye.

Cube Colossus OST By Fandrey

I stumbled across Fandrey on the TIGSource forums and decided to check out an album of his after hearing one of his songs he shared with us. Well he has a free OST for the game Cube Colossus on his website Atelier Lucid that I will be sharing with everyone today. I’m quite impressed with his music, it is pretty catchy and I find myself replaying the album when I’m not sure what I want to listen to at the moment.