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To The Moon Original Soundtrack Review

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When I went to review this album, I was feeling pretty pissed off at the world and just ready to tell anyone to F’ off. When the world starts over whelming me and I get hit with what is probably considered sensory overload, everything just feels like crap to me. When I started listening to this album, I immediately felt better.

The album I’m referring to is the Soundtrack of To The Moon.

Ravenmark: Scourge of Estellion Original Soundtrack Review

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…And we’re back, just in time for 11.11.11! As you may have seen before, I mentioned the Ravenmark: Scourge of Estellion soundtrack  by Josh Whelchel was coming out today, so I’m bringing you the review on the same day!

First thing you’ll notice with the album is that it has a very symphonic feel to pretty much the entire album. But, unlike the usual game with a soundtrack that sounds like it was ripped straight from ‘Medival Epic Fantasy Movie X’ this symphonic soundtrack actually sounds like it was made for a game. And that is probably one of the best compliments you can get when attempting an album like this.

Blocks That Matter Soundtrack Review

Here is the second game sound track in the Voxatron humble indie bundle. This soundtrack was done for the game Blocks that Matter by a fellow named Morusque.

Off the bat you’ll notice a more minimalistic feel to most of the songs with various blips and sounds thrown in. A lot of the  songs mostly rely on grooves to support the minimalistic feel to the songs.

The Binding of Isaac Soundtrack

This week I’ve got somewhat of a theme lined up for TIG Tunes. I’m doing Humble Indie Bundle Soundtracks from the Voxatron bundle and also games from the Indie Royale bundle. I’m sure everyone knows about the Humble Indie Bundle by now, but the Indie Royale is the new kid on the block. Either way, they both have some pretty damn fine games, and some pretty damn fine music. So let’s get this started.

Beautiful Lifestyle by George & Jonathan

Everyone lately has been posting about this album, and since I did a review of their last album, I probably should do this one as well despite it not being really indie game music related.

The good:  I’m pretty sure I like this album over their last one. This album has quite high quality sounding tunes that scream well done productions. It also has tons of ear pleasing textures throughout basically the whole album. If you like funk style chip tunes with a heavy emphasis on drum and bass this’ll probably be an album you love.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent Soundtrack

Possibly the scariest indie game ever conceived, and possibly only topped by a game by the same company. I bring you the soundtrack to Amnesia: The Dark Descent for All Hallows‘ Eve. Composed by Mikko Tarmia.

To go with one of the creepiest and scariest games ever (indie or otherwise), a soundtrack that was equally creepy and scary was needed. Thankfully, that’s exactly what we got. In context, the songs are great. Unfortunately, there are a good chunk of songs that just don’t give a lot of listening pleasure unless you’re in the right environment to listen to said songs. On the bright side, the songs that aren’t made to allow your attention to focus on the text in game are just plain wonderful. Though if you were to take only one song from the entire Amnesia OST with you, it would be Lux Tenebras. This song is fantastic! It’s production value are very well done, it’s got raw emotion and is beautiful in so many ways.

Wind​-​up Knight Soundtrack

This is why I frequently refer to Josh Whelchel as the ‘hardest working musician in indie video games.’ Despite just announcing he’ll have an album out on Nov 11th, he comes out with a completely different album today. This album is for the cell phone game Wind-up Knight.

The soundtrack is very medieval sounding with a bit of techno beats thrown in. If more classic/medieval/renaissance music is your thing, you’ll love this soundtrack. The album is currently $2.99 on his bandcamp site and is worth every penny for the 10 tracks.

Ravenmark OST pre-order. Save a buck!

Josh Whelchel is currently selling the Ravenmark: Scourge of Estellion original sound track for $3.99 at his bandcamp site. Currently you can listen to 3 tracks before the release comes out  to get a sense of what the album is all about. You’d better hurry though, this limited time offer runs out November 11th.

Follow the link here to visit the album’s page.

Waker Original Sound Track


I decided to post something a little more relaxing this time around as I’ve been having a pretty hectic time IRL. The OST was done by Disasterpeace.

This is the OST for Waker. It’s a sound track reminiscent of the quiet and soothing songs of Legend of Mana (at least to me anyway.) It’s pretty good and might give you a nice feeling on a crazy day when you just want everything to slow down. I’d suggest putting it on loop as it is a bit short.

To download the full album you need to go to the bandcamp page and then give it your e-mail to download.