Postive Force - PPPPPP

VVVVVV, a very awesome indie puzzle platformer came out on steam on Sept 7th. Like most things, I’m late to the party and just playing this game for the first time. One thing I did notice was the kick ass chip tune soundtrack that it had, so I decided to review the VVVVVV OST album which is called PPPPPP by Souleye.

The Best Music – George Michael Brower and Jonathan Baken

George Michael Brower and Jonathan Baken have released a chiptune album made entirely in Pixel’s PxTone. Best of all it’s free. :D

According to the makers of this album, it took 5 years to make this album. The album is a very groove-laced funky one,  and has high production values in it. You can tell they put a lot of hard work into this album. I think this album is not really my cup of tea, but I can see a lot of people liking this album that have different tastes than my own. Most of the songs I feel would fit right into a classic Sonic the Hedgehog game or any game that needed a solid groove.

Cube Colossus OST By Fandrey

I stumbled across Fandrey on the TIGSource forums and decided to check out an album of his after hearing one of his songs he shared with us. Well he has a free OST for the game Cube Colossus on his website Atelier Lucid that I will be sharing with everyone today. I’m quite impressed with his music, it is pretty catchy and I find myself replaying the album when I’m not sure what I want to listen to at the moment.


Laura Shigihara’s Music Store, Now Open! – Melolune OST Preview Album Released

Laura Shigihara, you know her from the Plants vs Zombies OST and now you can get even more of her great work from her recently opened music store. The music store comes with an grand opening gift, The preview release of the ‘Melolune OST‘ an indie RPG that myself have been dying to see released.


The preview album currently has 20 songs, my favorites being Leeble Village, The Great World, and Transformation. The preview album is only $5, so you can support Laura and her upcoming game and get some awesome RPG music to boot. I already bought my copy.

Gungirl 2 OST

So I’ve been playing Gungirl 2 for the last two days. It is a really good game and decently long. If you like Cave Story or any Metroidvania you should like.

Now you’re probably wondering why I’m talking about a game instead of  music. Well one thing that really stands out in this game is the music. The ost was made by Josh Whelchel and boy does it rock. It’s a very heavy rock, metal and synth driven album that’s hard hitting and in your face, a lot like the game really. If you’re in a heavy metal mood and want to jam out on your air guitar then this soundtrack has what you need to rock out.  My favorite tracks are Anomaly, Sanctus Inferno and Opening Themes.

Artoon Original Soundtrack

Do you like dance music? Do you like rave music? Do you like anosou? Of course you do!


You can get the things you like in one convenient little package. This package is called the Artoon Original Soundtrack. The sound track is all zipped up and ready to go. My personal favorite track is “The Future From Ten Years Ago (Metropolis)”. While a little on the short side, the soundtrack is a great listen if you’re in the mood to dance.

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Legend of Princess Soundtrack

You remember that game with the elf who for some reason had pink hair, a magical sword and had to save the princess? No not that game! This game! That’s right, if you didn’t know already konjak released the whole Legend of Princess soundtrack for free. All you have to do is download  the conveniently packed zip file. Don’t forget to play the game if you haven’t already. It’s free and very awesome.



Tracks from ‘You Have No Legs’ Released – Free


If you played You Have No Legs you probably noticed the awesome music that came with it. Well guess what. Now you can download the tracks and put them in your playlist! Yoshi Miyamoto (Pocket Groovy) has put up the songs he did in the game as a free download.

If you like epic music, these are four tracks that you’ll very much want. Listen to the tracks right now. :D

*Edit: Pocket Groovy had asked me to change the link to his SoundCloud site and didn’t realize you couldn’t download the songs there. Sorry about that. You can download the tracks here.

The TIGMN List of Chiptune Resources

This article will be bumped up in the blog when updated as I will add resources as they are found. I’ll put a little updated tag beside whatever is new.

Hey. Do you like chiptune music? Who doesn’t, right? Well guess what. This list is exclusive to chiptune trackers, plugins and any other great chiptune resources to help you make your very own chiptune music! Let’s begin.