Amnesia: The Dark Descent Soundtrack

Possibly the scariest indie game ever conceived, and possibly only topped by a game by the same company. I bring you the soundtrack to Amnesia: The Dark Descent for All Hallows‘ Eve. Composed by Mikko Tarmia.

To go with one of the creepiest and scariest games ever (indie or otherwise), a soundtrack that was equally creepy and scary was needed. Thankfully, that’s exactly what we got. In context, the songs are great. Unfortunately, there are a good chunk of songs that just don’t give a lot of listening pleasure unless you’re in the right environment to listen to said songs. On the bright side, the songs that aren’t made to allow your attention to focus on the text in game are just plain wonderful. Though if you were to take only one song from the entire Amnesia OST with you, it would be Lux Tenebras. This song is fantastic! It’s production value are very well done, it’s got raw emotion and is beautiful in so many ways.

Site updates.

As you can see, the site has received a dramatic facelift. I’m still working out kinks in the website, but over all I think it’s a vast improvement over the old site design. If you run into something wrong with the site or have a suggestion, please leave me a comment or e-mail me at tigmusicnetwork (at) and I’ll try to figure out the problem as soon as I can.

Wind​-​up Knight Soundtrack

This is why I frequently refer to Josh Whelchel as the ‘hardest working musician in indie video games.’ Despite just announcing he’ll have an album out on Nov 11th, he comes out with a completely different album today. This album is for the cell phone game Wind-up Knight.

The soundtrack is very medieval sounding with a bit of techno beats thrown in. If more classic/medieval/renaissance music is your thing, you’ll love this soundtrack. The album is currently $2.99 on his bandcamp site and is worth every penny for the 10 tracks.

Ravenmark OST pre-order. Save a buck!

Josh Whelchel is currently selling the Ravenmark: Scourge of Estellion original sound track for $3.99 at his bandcamp site. Currently you can listen to 3 tracks before the release comes out  to get a sense of what the album is all about. You’d better hurry though, this limited time offer runs out November 11th.

Follow the link here to visit the album’s page.

Waker Original Sound Track


I decided to post something a little more relaxing this time around as I’ve been having a pretty hectic time IRL. The OST was done by Disasterpeace.

This is the OST for Waker. It’s a sound track reminiscent of the quiet and soothing songs of Legend of Mana (at least to me anyway.) It’s pretty good and might give you a nice feeling on a crazy day when you just want everything to slow down. I’d suggest putting it on loop as it is a bit short.

To download the full album you need to go to the bandcamp page and then give it your e-mail to download.

Cave Story Remix Project 2



Against my better judgement from the lack of a response I’ve received from non-musician fans of IVGM, I’m gonna go with a test run of trying the site out again. We’ll see how it goes.

I decided that I might as well pick up right where I left off and review the Cave Story Remix Project2!

Unfortunately I can’t say this version is at the same par as the original.

Happy one year Hiatus!!

So here we are, one year later. Without a single update. I’ve never really told anyone why, so I may as well start here.

The biggest reason would be the general lack of support from the community. Sure I got support from the artists I posted about, but it just seems like there was no general interest in indie game music for the community. The whole point of this site was to increase exposure of various artists and their music to people besides musicians. But the only people who gave a damn were the musicians themselves, which kind of defeats the purpose of the site.

Cobalt announced, featuring anosou

The game Cobalt was recently announced, and our buddy anosou is doing the tracks for it. Here’s a gameplay video featuring some of the music from the game. You can read the original post here.

Cave Story Remix Project



*** The MP3 links need to be replaced. It’s on the todo list.***

I got a real treat for you for this weekend. That treat is the Cave Story Remix Project!

Almost all your favorite tunes from Cave Story have been meticulously crafted into an awesomely mighty remixed indie game soundtrack! It has a little dance, a little chip and a whole lotta rock. You should be plenty pleased with this soundtrack as it comes with 3 discs in total, 2 being the soundtrack proper and the last being a bonus remix disc by k-wix.