Tiny Barbarian DX: The Serpent Lord Review

a1693485418_2Introduction: Today for the release of the Tiny Barbarian DX: The Serpent Lord OST I’ll be doing a review. Jeff Ball is the action hero behind this OST. I can totally recall the Astroman soundtrack review I did,  and here is a link to the original Tiny Barbarian soundtrack. You pick it up for $4.99 and it’s totally not robin you. I was planning on having this review done on the 1st of June, but after the 6th day of waiting the OST got put up fully on bandcamp.

Disclaimer: For this review Jeff Ball didn’t fly me down to the states. I’m pretty sure Jeff Ball hates me still so we never went to go see the grand canyon or tour the old country and we definitely didn’t get to see Cats live. :( Follow @TIG_Tunes

The Tunes: It’s time to put your pecs into it! This hard hitting quasi-chiptune soundtrack will get you to the point where you feel like you’re pumping iron! For the mean time you should just terminate anything else you’re listening to and give in to the red heat that these tunes gives you.

The song  starts you off running, man, and really makes you feel like a predator. With this OST, Jeff Ball basically took an eraser to the formula he did on the last Tiny Barbarian soundtrack so don’t expect a twin of that.

Like a commando heading out to battle,  gives you the sense of duty and purpose towards your in game goals with it’s catchy chorus.

 and  make you feel like you’re dishing out the collateral damage by giving you some meaty synth drum and bass.

Riding Bosses like a Cat has a nice steady beat that makes you wanna stay hungry for action.

 and  are probably the only raw deals on the soundtrack, but that doesn’t spoil the rest of the soundtrack.

Final Thoughts: I gotta say it’s true this is a good soundtrack and it’d be lies if I didn’t say so.  It’s a rockin’ soundtrack that would fit into anybodies IGM collection that doesn’t over stay it’s welcome. And at the end of the days I’d have to recommend this soundtrack.

The Good:
Great quality. Uses drum ‘n bass and dubstep in a very classy manner and doesn’t just jam it all in your ear.

The Bad:
A couple not so great tune.
Junior, this is not for you if you want something soothing to listen to.


Tiny Barbarian DX: The Serpent Lord

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  1. Del_Duio says:

    Very nice use of AHNULD references in your review!

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