Retro Game Music Bundle


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Though not really indie, or maybe indie but by today’s standards is the Retro Game Music Bundle. I figured I’d give it a mention as it is a large collection of music and has some indie game albums available in the upper tier.

You get the likes of Duke Nukem, Jazz Jackrabbit, 7th Guest, and Myst. There’s more classic game’s soundtracks among the bunch so check the list below. When you got names like virt and coda in the mix, how can you go wrong?

If you purchased the bundle at $10+ you get the whole list below. Not much reason not to as you get a ton of music. I can’t vouch for the music as I really haven’t listened to anything yet, but with this many albums there’s gotta be some gems in the bunch. So head on over and pick ‘er up.

Duke Nukem 3D: Original Soundtrack
by Lee Jackson, Bobby Prince

Myst : The Soundtrack
by Robyn Miller

Jazz Jackrabbit 1 & 2
by Robert A. Allen, Alexander Brandon

by Alexander Brandon

NUKEM: Duke 3D Remixes
by Various Artists

Jazz Jackrabbit 3
by Alexander Brandon

by Various Artists

Magnetis – Original Game Soundtrack
by Romain Gauthier

Lava Blade
by Joshua Morse

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