Knightmare Tower – Original Soundtrack Review

Introduction: Long time no see. I heard the Legendary Hyper Ducks had come out with a new album so I figured it was my duty to all things IGM to do a review of this OST. The soundtrack I am reviewing today belongs to a game with a reckless disregard for physics, Knightmare Tower. I’ve played through the whole game and it’s fun little distraction of a game with a good leveling up system. You can get the OST here for about a $1.50.

Disclaimer: The HyperDuck Soundworks team never flew me up to Northern Ireland to review this album, nor did they put me up in a hotel with a Jacuzzi tub in my room, mini bar and a scantly clad masseuse who caressed my video game torn body with her supple yet firm hands.

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The Tunes:

 The HyperDuck team really captured the feel of a real life orchestra with a supremely epic ambiance. The tunes would easily fit into any epic RPG out there and would more than likely improve it for the better.

There are basically duplicates of the tracks 1/2, 3/4 and 5/6, each being slightly different to their counter parts but not really by a large margin as if you listen through the whole soundtrack they basically meld together. The second parts of the songs tend to be a little more on the powerful side so they are probably what you’ll find to be the better listen. That basically breaks the soundtrack into four songs.

My favorite tune by far would have to be Glory Trail (Normal Theme I), especially when it hits 0:17 it really brings that epic emotion to the fray. I’m tempted to say you could fit that song right into the Lord of The Rings soundtrack and not even have it sound out of place one bit.

The final boss theme Your Worst Knightmare (Boss Theme) is probably the weakest specimen of the whole OST, it’s just kind of there. It doesn’t ruin the soundtrack, but it might not be the one you specially add to your custom playlist.

Final Thoughts: It’s a good soundtrack, the game isn’t exactly the most diverse game in the world so a soundtrack of this length is a good fit. Of course the calm/normal versions of the themes make the soundtrack a bit longer, but it’s still barely a ten minute listen with them included. For the quality of music I’d have to recommend this soundtrack. The store and two level themes are great listens and will be a great addition to any person’s music library.

The Good:
High quality sound that you can’t find in the actual game.
Excellent three tunes from the guys at Hyper Duck for only about a buck and a half.

The Bad:

Favorite Tunes: Glory Trail (Normal Theme I)

Knightmare Tower – Original Soundtrack

1.  Knightmare Tower Theme 01:45

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