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Retro Game Music Bundle


retrogamemusicbundle pic

Though not really indie, or maybe indie but by today’s standards is the Retro Game Music Bundle. I figured I’d give it a mention as it is a large collection of music and has some indie game albums available in the upper¬†tier.

You get the likes of Duke Nukem, Jazz Jackrabbit, 7th Guest, and Myst. There’s more classic game’s soundtracks among the bunch so check the list below. When you got names like virt and coda in the mix, how can you go wrong?

Knightmare Tower – Original Soundtrack Review

Introduction: Long time no see. I heard the Legendary Hyper Ducks had come out with a new album so I figured it was my duty to all things IGM to do a review of this OST. The soundtrack I am reviewing today belongs to a game with a reckless disregard for physics,¬†Knightmare Tower. I’ve played through the whole game and it’s fun little distraction of a game with a good leveling up system. You can get the OST here for about a $1.50.