A little update for everyone.

Now, the site has been pretty quiet for a while now, and there are some reasons I wanted to go over with everyone at this time.

When I heard about about the Street Fighter X Megaman game that was coming out, that really stood out as a turning point for indie games to me. Here we have for all intents and purposes an indie game, done by an indie game musician that is sponsored by Capcom and is now a legit game in the series. So you basically have a corporate indie game. Yeah, pretty screwed up I’d say, dooms day must be coming up.

The point I’m getting at at this point is that the lines between indie and non-indie are and getting very blurry and with things like the THQ bundle coming out there’s going to be a lot more indie/non-indie mixing up going on. With that said, the scope of this site will have to change to accommodate. I’ve been having problems with deciding which would be considered kosher for the site and what’s not so the site will be a little more lax when it comes to what’s included or not. In the end it’ll just mean mostly good music that will show up, and indie or not, people tend to not hate good music.

Second, I hate the reviewing part of the site. Not so much actually the commenting but the fact at certain points you really got to post things that aren’t that great about a soundtrack or the tedium to do an in depth review of a soundtrack of 70+ tracks. I plan on changing up the reviews to something a bit different, less criticism and more pointing out the strong points and letting the listener to determine what they’ll take or leave. The points system will also be scraped. Numbers are basically meaningless unless you compare it to something else. What I propose instead is to make a more or less giant list of soundtracks and list them in the order I’d recommend them in. This way I can compare between soundtracks and it’ll fit some place on the list. And that’s the real test of good music, wanting to listen to it more than other sets of music. At least in my opinion.

And of course, where I’m working and the birth of my daughter have really put the time+stress+energy squeeze on the updates. It is a hobby site after all, and real life will put a strain on one thing or another.

I’ll try to make more of an effort, but it is a joint effort with readers to. If the readers aren’t supporting or helping to promote the site and indie game music, well there’s not really much point in me running the site as it defeats the purpose of having it. The purpose is to promote indie game music and get the great music out there, and that does take cooperation. So if you see anything you like, link it, tweet it, pimp it out and the artists will appreciate the effort you put in to making their songs heard.

I guess that’s it for now, once A_Rival releases the SFxMM OST I’ll review it. If you have any comments, please feel free to leave them below. Thanks for understanding and here’s to more great indie game tunes.

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