Tower of Heaven OST Review


I kind have got a better hold on my position at work and things aren’t as stupid crazy busy right now until my kid is born, then it’ll probably will be again. But until then, I’m gonna try and get some updates in. Also, trying out a new rating system, we’ll see how it holds up.

Introduction: Today I have the review for the Tower of Heaven soundtrack done by flashygoodness. I have been listening to this one quite frequently since I got it on the Indie Game Music Bundle. The OST was released July 24th 2010 so I’m not by any means on the ball with this soundtrack, but better late than never. The entire OST consists of chip-tunes that use generated waveforms for all the instruments except for ‘Atop The World‘ and maybe ‘Farewell Traveller‘. You can get the OST for $1 at Flashygoodness’ bandcamp page.

Notes: You can play Tower of Heaven for free at it’s newgrounds page. The game is a masocore game made to look like a original Gameboy game.

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The Tunes:

The mass majority of this soundtrack uses strictly chip sounds and generated waveforms. Usually the classic case of using this style of soundtrack is the general NES game OST copy-cat. In this case, flashygoodness takes what could be a boring and over-used concept and turns it on it’s head with generated waveforms and in general trying to make it sound like it didn’t come straight from an NES game. The use of rapid arps in the faster paced songs are tastefully done as it can be over-used in certain applications like the key gen scene.

One of the great key points about this soundtrack that despite it’s short length, flashygoodness manages to vary the the feel, intensity and genres of the songs. This is something a lot of artists lack in soundtracks that are much, much longer than this soundtrack. This variation makes you feel that the soundtrack ends a little on the quick side and doesn’t quite give you your fill in a single listen through. That could be either taken as a compliment or one of the  few weak points that this soundtrack has.

Another fantastic thing that flashygoodness does is keeping the main tune from ’Atop The World‘ fresh by adjusting it greatly for each song and using it in a way that it doesn’t seem like it’s the same song playing over and over again. The tracks really add artistic emotion to a game which was more or less designed to be cold and emotion-less.

Final Thoughts: 

In a short time frame, this soundtrack provides what is needed in a game soundtrack, variety, emotion, and creativity. In what can seem to be a genre that can seem like it’s only saving grace is that it’s a throw-back to the days of our childhood, or if they are too young, a throw-back to when things were ‘retro’, the Tower of Heaven soundtrack stands out as a demonstration of how things can be different. This one is a keeper, and I highly recommend it.

The Good:
A variety of song types and feeling in a short span of time.
Creative usage of the chip-tune genre. A breath of fresh air.

The Bad:
Short legnth. Feels like it’s over before it’s due to be over.

Favorite Tunes: Stairway to Revelation, Indignant DivinityAtop the World

Tower of Heaven OST: 76 POINTS

Bonus – Unlocked (free) 00:04

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