Monthly Archives: April 2012

Diddy Kong Racing: Bootleg Circuit Review


Introduction: We got a remix album today. It’s Diddy Kong Racing: Bootleg Circuit by Benjamin Briggs. Now Diddy Kong Racing is one of my all time favourite racing games and one I hold dear to my heart. I played the living crap right out of this game. As an example, I beat every developer time with every available vehicle for every single level. Seeing a remix album, even though it’s only 5 tracks long, is a real treat. You can pick up Diddy Kong Racing: Bootleg Circuit at Benjamin Briggs Bandcamp page.

Tower of Heaven OST Review


I kind have got a better hold on my position at work and things aren’t as stupid crazy busy right now until my kid is born, then it’ll probably will be again. But until then, I’m gonna try and get some updates in. Also, trying out a new rating system, we’ll see how it holds up.