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This another one of those albums where I’m debating whether or not they are ‘indie’ enough to be reviewed on this site. When in question, I usually like to side with if it’s good music or not. So I figure since it ends up on the side of good music and it’s a Name Your Price album and he already had a soundtrack on the Indie Game Music Bundle, then today we’ll be going with Virt‘s new soundtrack, the Mighty Switch Force OST. You can pick up the soundtrack at Virt’s bandcamp here.

Virt runs Big Lion Music and Mighty Switch Force was developed by Wayforward Technologies.
Surassu and coda of Yogurtbox, and cancel & xaimus also contribute remixes to the soundtrack.

The Songs:

Title and Intro aren’t really bringing much to the table up front. While Title is okay, Intro throws in a ton of sound effects that don’t really fit well with listening and pretty much just go with the game.

Level Select really reminds me of elevator music, which I imagine is okay for the select screen as most people don’t spend too much time deciding, but doesn’t make for a great song to listen to outside the game.

Caught Red Handed starts introducing the dub-step influenced tunes that you will see repeatedly throughout the song track. There’s a lot going on in this song, but thankfully the melody cuts through the mix.

Launch Hearts starts putting more emphasis in the melody of the track and less massive amounts of drum patterns. The melody goes good with the beat and the counter melody giving you a fairly enjoyable song.

Love You Love You Love heavily focuses on the melody but doesn’t seem to stick in terms of it being catchy. It’s got more of an softer feel to it than most songs in the OST, but I don’t think it’s one of the better tracks.

Jive Bot brings the wub-wub and brings it funky. The majority of the song focuses on the melody, but it’s a bit more catchy than the previous songs save Launch Hearts.

Whoa I’m In Space Cuba really reminds me of SNES-PS1 era Megaman tunes. I kind of like the jazz-piano-like counter-melodies you hear in the back and probably would preferred them being a more fore-front part of the song. But all in all it’s a pretty good track. Whoa I’m In Space Cuba (BONUS CHIP MIX) is basically a remix of Space Cuba with more chip-tune  stylings. Not a big enough of a difference to rate them separately

Apprehend Them! while not actually being repetitive actually kind feels repetitive. The melody is kind of weak and doesn’t really present it’s self well. Same with Whoa I’m In Space Cuba (BONUS CHIP MIX),  Apprehend Them! (BONUS CHIP MIX) is a remix with more chip-tune stylings, but there’s not enough of a difference to rate them separately as they basically the same song, though I think I like the chip-tune mix a bit better.

Yummy while being a bit better on the melody side than Apprehend Them! still has some of the same trappings as Apprehend Them!. Yummy gets more of a remix than the other two songs that Virt did with Yummy (Electronugget Remix). This is more of a dance club remix than the original song, while it’s pretty decent for a dance song, I don’t think it gives the same quality as the rest of the soundtrack.

Break Up Take Down is possibly the best song on the soundtrack. The central melody that the synths play is very catchy, which is greatly helped out by the driving beat. The song makes you want to bounce around with it’s chipper tune. And one thing I really like about the song is that the lead synths aren’t ear-piercing like many songs made these days to make the melody break through the mix. If you take just one song from the entire soundtrack, this would be it.

Final Level is general evil/brooding tune that pretty much doesn’t go anywhere but kind of sets a mood. It’s okay, but not anything great.

Final Boss gets bonus points for giving that urgency feel like you are taking on something devastating. It really sets the mood.

The End Credits somewhat feel like they could been stuck in exchange for some of the level songs. It also has a jazz-improv feel to it which could be a good or bad thing depending if you enjoy jam music or not.

Tally Screen which is more or less a remix of the Title theme, is more of chill-laid back version. There’s not much going on here, but for where it should be in the game, I didn’t expect it have a lot going on.

surassu of Yogurtbox brings us Caught Red Handed (Melting Point Mix) which is a remix of the titles track. surassu throws in the Yamaha FM chip inspired synths to make a more groovier and chill track. Unfortunatly it doesn’t really go anywhere and ends up sounding like Jazz-Improv runs thrown in certain places.

coda of Yogurrtbox pulls back on the tempo with coda – Love You Love You Love (Good Morning Onee-san Mix). He also throwns in the Yahama FM chip synths and makes for a chill track. This one has a lot less of the improv feel that surassu’s had and even gives the song two change ups near the end of the song, with the last change being pretty damn good which makes me think it tops the original in that area for how brief it is.

cancel takes on the funky  Jive Bot (Psycho Prismatic Mix) and focuses more on keeping it more funky instead of the change up Virt did. The song ends up basically changing up synths every couple of notes in some parts which is not exactly a technique I enjoy in mass. Also I’m not a fan of the heavy gated-type sound techniques that pop up frequently.

xaimus does the second remix of  Yummy with his mix Yummy (Photosynthesis Mix). It’s more of a hard dub-step style and doesn’t spend much time focusing on the melody of the song. I think it kind of lacks substance and feel empty compared to the rest of the soundtrack you get. The song may be good in a dark dance club setting but it’s probably not really something you want to listen to while sitting at your Compy 386.

Final Thoughts: Overall I’d have to say this soundtrack was fairly enjoyable. While it doesn’t offer much in variation of different styles in music, if it’s the style you enjoy then you’ve hit the gold mine. If you don’t, it’s more of a ‘like it or leave it’ soundtrack as I just said before, it doesn’t variate much. A lot of the album sits in the higher frequencies so if you’re someone who doesn’t like the brittle highs of some albums, you may want to turn your 14-16k down on your EQ. But for the quality, the length and the fact it’s a name your price soundtrack, I would recommend it.

The Good:
A lot of good tunes that may be in the kind of style you like.
A name your price album with an hour and a third of music on it.

The Bad:
Virt’s songs don’t change styles/genres too often.
The album sounds like it has too many high frequencies to it.

Favorite Tunes: Launch HeartsBreak Up Take DownLove You Love You Love (Good Morning Onee-san Mix)

Mighty Switch Force OST:

Virt’s songs

Rating: ★★★¼☆ 

With Remixes 

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 


Title 01:18
Intro 00:30
Final Boss 02:09

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