Desi Leaves Town Official Soundtrack Review

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Cornelis Jordan sent me an e-mail telling me that on January 8th, he released the soundtrack for the game Desi Leaves TownDesi Leaves Town seems to be a half movie half puzzle game hybrid with witty dry upper class humour thrown in, which right now is only for iPad but should be coming out for PC/Mac this month. The Desi Leaves Town official soundtrack can be procured at Cornelis Jordan’s bandcamp page here.

Notes: This soundtrack is purely in the realm of traditional instruments, so no ‘wub-wub’ or ‘oonse-oonse’ for everyone today.

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The Tunes:

Enter the Parlor suffers from a bit of randomness based on tempo/feel/groove and is not quite as smooth of a listening experience as the rest of the soundtrack.

Flowers & Perfume gives some of the only uplifting elements in the entire soundtrack, but only for parts of the song.

Oh Tortoise is quite the somber feeling track and quite well done, including themes from Desi Theme tasfully.

Final Thoughts:

This soundtrack sounds like it would fit well into an animated film like The Triplets of Belleville or any other upper class animated film of the ilk. The usage of traditional instruments in the soundtrack are all very well employed and rich sounding. Certain issues are with seemingly random changes of tempo/rhythm/groove in the middle of songs that don’t flow well. One thing I noticed is that the songs seem to be more or less “run-on-songs” with various emotional themes being used in a track when it could possibly have been split in two or more songs, Enter the Parlor seems to be quite the victim of this.  Besides that there are no real issues with the soundtrack. Also, since the quality of each of the songs is so close, it was very difficult for me to choose my favorite tunes in this soundtrack.

This game soundtrack is quite different than most other soundtracks that I’ve listened to, and as per the course, will probably only be enjoyed by the folks who like 1. Animated movie soundtracks 2. Non-tradiotnal symphonic stylings with traditional instruments. 3.Like soundtracks to various newer adventure games. 4. Something different in their game soundtracks. Based on quality I’m gonna say that this soundtrack is recommended, but with the price tag for the soundtrack at $2.90 USD and how different the soundtrack is from the norm, I caution a Listen Before You Leap approach to the soundtrack.

The Good:

Excellent use of traditional instruments.
Delivers a different experience, especially if you are sick of every other song you hear being released is a form of dubstep.

The Bad:

The tempo, rhythm and groove can change wildly without warning in the songs. (example: 0:58 in Enter the Parlor)
A little more focus on integrating melody and counter-melody and focusing on more or less on one emotional theme to could have created more catchy/memorable tracks.

Favorite Tunes: 

Desi Leaves Town Official Soundtrack:

Rating: ★★★★★½☆☆☆☆ 

Desi Theme 01:11

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  1. chris says:

    I loved the soundtrack despite some of the things mentioned in the review. Having played the game I can see why the tempos in the music change as they do. I don’t have the technical savvy to know what the flaws are but I still love the style. Great job! :)

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