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Adventure by Souleye Review

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Introduction: So Souleye decided to release some new music. Well, yesterday (Jan 10th 2012) was that day. Well, granted, it’s not ALL new music, it’s still stuff that hasn’t been released by Souleye in a proper form before. I usually get pretty excited when Souleye comes out with new music as I loved the VVVVVV soundtrack. You can pick it up at Souleye’s site for $10 USD and preview it at his bandcamp page.

Notes: The mass majority of the album is either chip-tunes or quasi-chip-tunes.

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The Tunes:

Desi Leaves Town Official Soundtrack Review

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Short Announcement: To help with reviews, I have joined a Toastmasters club. The Toastmaster’s club have specific programs to help people improve on their reviewing techniques, so I will be taking part in that every Monday night from now on.

Cornelis Jordan sent me an e-mail telling me that on January 8th, he released the soundtrack for the game Desi Leaves TownDesi Leaves Town seems to be a half movie half puzzle game hybrid with witty dry upper class humour thrown in, which right now is only for iPad but should be coming out for PC/Mac this month. The Desi Leaves Town official soundtrack can be procured at Cornelis Jordan’s bandcamp page here.

Other Site Changes

After having conversations with a few people, there’s a few things that will be getting changed on the site and a few things I’d like to talk about.

Fro changes. I’ve noticed and people are starting to point out that I give out a lot of 3s. Some of this has to do with my rating system as my score keepers (aka my music players) only let me give half stars and I’m usually too lazy to keep track of more finer points. Another thing that is doing this is that I usually choose either soundtracks or albums I like or OSTs that have just come out and forgo reviewing OSTs that would generally get a bad score.So what I’ll be doing from now is changing to a 10 point system and that proves not versatile enough, a 100 point system like Metacritic.

Mighty Switch Force OST Review

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…And we’re back!

This another one of those albums where I’m debating whether or not they are ‘indie’ enough to be reviewed on this site. When in question, I usually like to side with if it’s good music or not. So I figure since it ends up on the side of good music and it’s a Name Your Price album and he already had a soundtrack on the Indie Game Music Bundle, then today we’ll be going with Virt‘s new soundtrack, the Mighty Switch Force OST. You can pick up the soundtrack at Virt’s bandcamp here.

Site is back up.

So, the site is back up now. But as you can tell, it’s pretty broken at this point. A mishap that happened just before new years ended up deleting everything before I could back it up besides all the posts. So more or less, I’m starting from scratch website design-wise. Hopefully everyone can bear with me here and I can get the site to hopefully behave and look better than it did in 2011. Here’s to a new year and a new beginning.