Super Meat Boy! – Choice Piano Cuts Review

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Released Wednesday Dec. 21st 2011 is the solo piano cover album Super Meat Boy! – Choice Piano Cuts by Brent Kennedy. The original Super Meat Boy tracks were of course composed by Danny Baranowsky and be heard on the Super Meat Boy OST, the Super Meat Boy! Double CD Special Edition Soundtrack, or the Super Meat Boy! – Digital Special Edition Soundtrack. You can get the Super Meat Boy! – Choice Piano Cuts album for $4.99 at Danny Baranowsky’s bandcamp page here.

Notes: All the songs are piano solos, so it’d be redundant to state things like “this is a piano solo…” for song notes.

The Songs:

Betus Blues (Piano) turns the original into a more soft soothing version.

The Forest Medley (Piano) really gives the original a work over on the tunes from the Forest world of Super Meat Boy. It gets really good after 3:17 when it takes the song in a more sorrowful direction.

C.H.A.D.’s Lullaby (Piano) is a slow downed version of the original. You gotta love how the opening arpeggio from the original sounds when done on a piano at 0:32, very cool sounding indeed.

Brent took It Ends (Piano) made it pretty tear jerking in some places.

The flow on some the piano runs on Meat Golem (Piano) sound very fluid and well put together. Quite impressed by the playing.

Ballad of the Burning Squirrel (Piano): A lot of technical playing on this one. Quite the performance I must say.

Hot Damned (Piano) is a cover of pretty much my favorite song from the Super Meat Boy OST. I think Brent did a good job of conveying the raw face-melting power of the original into a piano version. Well, as well as anyone could, it is after all a tall order to fill.

McLarty Party People (Piano) is probably the song that sounds the closest to any of the original songs in the entire album. It’s not bad, but it doesn’t really stick out like some of the other tracks.

Brent doesn’t quite transfer the bombastic qualities of the original version of It Ends 2: End Harder (Piano). It does end up getting pretty good at the end, but then the song is already over by that time.

The Salt Factory (Piano) is a mixed bag for me. Some parts I really like, and some parts I’m not so sure I care for. But over all I think the good parts make up for the others.

Final Thoughts: Brent Kennedy does a very good job of keeping the spirit of the originals intact and still putting his own flair on them. Brent really knows how to make the piano sing and performances are something to behold on this record. If you like piano music, and you like Super Meat Boy music, there’s no reason to not get this album.

The Good:
Great performances by Brent Kennedy.

The Bad:
As long as you like piano ballads, then nothing.

Favorite Tunes: The Forest MedleyMeat GolemHot Damned

Super Meat Boy! – Choice Piano Cuts:

Rating: ★★★½☆ 


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