Cardinal Quest Soundtrack Review

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After some slight confusion, the official release for the Cardinal Quest Soundtrack by Whitaker Blackall Trebella has come out today. The soundtrack belongs to of course the game named Cardinal Quest which is based off classic games like Gauntlet and other games of the like. You can pick it up at Whitaker’s bandcamp site.

So let’s get to it.

The first 10 tracks of the soundtrack are made by Whitaker himself, with Forbade and What is this Place? being unreleased tracks, Woods and Cave  are from another tametick game called “A Most Peculiar Adventure“. The rest are remixes of the tracks from the soundtrack. We have Satsuma Audio, Disasterpeace, Joe Cavers, Charlie McCarron, Cain German, and of course Jeff Ball (not the Native American Flute player).


some1namedjeff = Jeff Ball. Nice nick Jeff, but you may want to try again. ;)
Mastering was done by Gavin Harrison.

The Songs:

Hallemot Suffers is basically an ambient song of rain with hints of Genesis/Yamaha style brass in it. Not a lot going on in it.

Hero’s Defeat and The End of Asterion are short clips for loss and fanfare respectively.

The Quest Begins really keeps things on the down low, even when the song seems like it should pick up at any time. An Arduous Undertaking follows suit in keeping things low-key.

Woods and Cave fit into that ambient type sound just like Hallemot Suffers, with Cave being more of an ambient piano song.

Forbade and Kill the Minotaur offer up something different for the soundtrack from WhitakerForbade drops right into the dub-step half way through the song and ends with a pretty sweet guitar-like solo. Kill the Minotaur ends up being a pretty rocking upbeat chip-tune-like song.

What is this Place? is more of a creepy tune, but sometimes some of the sounds seem to be randomly placed.

The remixes start with A Basstastic Undertaking, which is a remix of An Arduous Undertaking with a more low tempo dub-step feel to it.

The Cardinal is more of a piano solo with various instruments thrown into the mix, though done very tastefully. Has a nice mood to it.

A Break in the Journey really feels like it would fit along side the other original songs in the soundtrack being a low tempo, low key song. Ghosts of Hallemot, which is a remix of Hallemot Suffers also fits in in the same way as it doesn’t change too much from the style of the original, but is a little less ambient at about half way through with a somewhat abrupt ending.

A Hard Trip keeps the low key theme going with mostly 4 on the 4 floor beats, but also tosses in a guitar solo or two for good measure.

Jeff ends the soundtrack with an uplifting symphonic style track with The World After Asterion. The song sits pretty quiet until 3 minutes in, but then after it starts picking up it ends up being a pretty damn good track, which probably is the best track on the entire soundtrack. Very well done.

Final Thoughts: While the soundtrack is fairly decent, a good chunk of the songs suffer from being little more than ambient music. Ambient music does have it’s places in some soundtracks, but it’s not my cup of tea when it comes to focused listening. Whitaker does break it up with Forbade and Kill the Minotaur and the remixes help out with breaking up the low-key feel of the soundtrack, but at the end of the day, your mileage is gonna vary with this soundtrack. Definitely try before you buy at his band camp page.

The Good:
Some good tracks and some excellent remixed/inspired tracks.

The Bad:
A good chunk of the soundtrack feels more like ambient music.
The majority of the soundtrack is actually done by the remixers, and all their tracks are free, so the $3 is just for the Whitaker tracks. Could be good or bad depending on how you look at it, though only 8 of the tracks would be for Cardinal Quest.

Favorite Tracks: Kill the MinotaurThe CardinalThe World After Asterion

Cardinal Quest OST:

Rating: ★★¾☆☆ 

Woods 02:09
Forbade 03:38
Cave 03:08

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