Big Giant Christmas EP Review

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Sorry for the mini-hiatus there. I’m still in the process of finding an income, but I have sent out a metric crap-ton of resumes so hopefully something will pop up.

Yesterday (Dec 20th 2011) Big Giant Circles (aka Jimmy Hinson) release an EP called the Big Giant Christmas EP. It’s all about Xmas tunes that have been converted into chip-tune/fakebit tossed into modern synths with the usual classic instruments for your listening pleasure. You can pick up the album at Big Giant Circles’ bandcamp page here for $2.99 USD.

Notes: Since this is more or less a remix album, the same rating criteria applies to this album as all other remixes.

The Songs:

Jingle Bits (Jingle Bells) is probably better than the original. The flair that’s put in the arranging and synths really adds to the song in a good way.

I Saw Three Chips (I Saw Three Ships) tosses in the Celtic style music infused with chip-tune, something I think more songs should explore. I think a little more could have been done with song though.

For Deck the Halls (Welshpixie’s Souvenir Mbira version), I don’t think it really adds much to the original.

Circles of the Bells (Carol of the Bells) I believe is the cream of the crop of the remixes. If you take one song from this album, this should be it.

Good King Wencircles has a nice groove to it, but it kind of sticks in it’s one place and doesn’t rise above it.

Final Thoughts: Despite the fact this is holiday music, which I have grown to detest from years and years of over-playing at the holidays, I like this album. It may be a little hard to swallow at $3 for 5 songs especially when you can get some really fine, long soundtracks for the same price, but it’s not by any means an outrageous price. I think a $1.50-$2 price would be a more suitable fit, but based solely on the music, I would recommend what the EP has to offer, as it is pretty good remixes.

The Good:
Very well done remixes of classic holiday tunes.

The Bad:
Could be considered a little costly as you only get 5 songs at $3.

Favorite Tune: Circles of the Bells (Carol of the Bells)

Big Giant Christmas EP:

Rating: ★★★¼☆ 

03:34 4/5
03:04 2.5/5
04:00 4.5/5
02:17 3/5

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