Astroman Soundtrack Review

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Now we have an album by Jeff Edward Ball. It’s the soundtrack to the game Astroman for the 360. Jeff also had an awesome track on the Cardinal Quest soundtrack I reviewed Wednesday. It’s a name your price album and can be picked up at his bandcamp site here.

Notes: This album has some long songs in comparison to other indie game soundtracks you’ve probably heard.

The songs:

Astroman Theme (main menu) is a symphonic start to the soundtrack. The brass sound a little genesisy in my opinion, which isn’t always a bad thing. Over all the piece is pretty decent.

Lunar Trekking is a nice groovier piece with pianos and synths going on.

Interplanetary Cruise is another nice chill track, but i don’t think it’s as good as Lunar Trekking.

Dark Caverns is a super chill jazz-like song with guitars sitting at the ambient level. Nothing bad here, but nothing that really sticks out.

Lakes of Fire is more chill song. Bad thing is it has some out of place piano sounds at around the 2-3 minute mark that didn’t sound too attractive and the same thing with a synth around the 4 minute mark and again at around 5:15.

For Alien Confrontation, I like the start up on this one, until around the 0:35 mark, when it kind of loses it for me with stuff that just sounds out of place. This song mostly just sounds like a mess to me.

For The Journey Home (end credits), change the slightly off chip-tune sound at the beginning and you have a real winner. This song has a really nice symphonic flair to it.

Astroman Theme (original sketch) is a kind of a secret song not found on track list of the main theme song, but in chip-tune style. it throws in some weird sounds at 1:08 which I don’t think fit in to well. I think I like the original version better, though this one is nice.

Final Thoughts: this soundtrack had potential but kind of fell flat. There are some not so great tracks, some pretty decent tracks and one track that is down right bad in my opinion. I think if Jeff had gone towards the more symphonic side for most of the soundtrack, it may have been better because I think that’s really his strong suit. But the inclusion of random synths and such through out certain songs really kills the songs when they would of actually been better without the additions. Less is more in this case.

The Good:

Has some nice symphonic tracks.
It’s name your price which is always nice for those who are light of wallet.
The soundtrack is a decent length for so few songs.

The Bad:
Some of the songs just have stuff that’s just out of place or messy, or just doesn’t feel right for the song.
Alien Confrontation is pretty bad in my opinion, just sounds like a mess to me.

Favorite Tunes:Astroman Theme (main menu)The Journey Home (end credits)

Astroman Soundtrack:

Rating: ★★½☆☆ 

Astroman Theme (original sketch) 01:44


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