Ultimate Songs From The Pit Review

I’ve been listening to Shael Riley from OCRemix for a long time, so long I think I was in juniour high. When I found out he came out with a game inspired rock and chip tune album, I knew I had to review it.

The album is called Ultimate Songs from the Pit. It was done with Shael Riley and his Mortal Kombat inspired band The Double Ice Backfire. the album also includes vocal talents of Schaffer the DarklordBrian MazzaferriMega Ran, and Billy the Fridge.

I’ll start out by saying this is the best album with vocals I have have heard since Billy Talent III came out, and that must be saying lots ’cause that album came out in July of 2009. This album has infused rock and chip-tune music the best way I have ever heard in an album to attempt such a thing. Also various rappers add to the vocals in the songs on the album.

One of the things that really stick out on this album is the stories that the lyrics tell. You have stories of dealing with a job, the music industry, and racial issues. Also a few songs deal with issues about  women and dirty things you can do with them (I probably should mention at this point as there is swearing in the album, and Rarest of Elements is pretty dirty song.) tip eht fo mottob is probably the most interesting song in terms of lyrics, which depicts a story of entrapment and despair.

Now excuse me while I go blast this album in my car and sing along.

The Good:
Mixes chip-tune and rock in the best way you’ve probably heard.
Very sing-alongable.
Catchy tunes with good lyrics.

The Bad:
Shael sings pretty high on some songs like Asian Kids Have All the Best Moves, which may be an issue depending on how much you like Males singing higher notes.
What?! No lyric transcripts with the files?!

My favorite songs are: Publishing RightsBoot StrapsPersonal Space.

Ultimate Songs from the Pit: 4.0/5.0 STARS

1.How to Fire a Gun 02:56
2.Publishing Rights 03:49
3.Hipster Hoax 04:03
4.The Other Side of Memphis 03:27
5.tip eht fo mottob 03:37
6.Asian Kids Have All the Best Moves 04:35
7.Boot Straps 04:02
8.Princess of Ants 02:54
9.Hobby Model 03:52
10.Area Dolls Guy 03:30
11.Haters Unite 03:48
12.Rarest of Elements 02:56
13.8 Bits to Loneliness 02:42
14.Actual Conspiracy 02:58
15.Personal Space 02:23
16.Pump Up the Bass 04:33

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