Ravenmark: Scourge of Estellion Original Soundtrack Review

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…And we’re back, just in time for 11.11.11! As you may have seen before, I mentioned the Ravenmark: Scourge of Estellion soundtrack  by Josh Whelchel was coming out today, so I’m bringing you the review on the same day!

First thing you’ll notice with the album is that it has a very symphonic feel to pretty much the entire album. But, unlike the usual game with a soundtrack that sounds like it was ripped straight from ‘Medival Epic Fantasy Movie X’ this symphonic soundtrack actually sounds like it was made for a game. And that is probably one of the best compliments you can get when attempting an album like this.

One way to describe the whole soundtrack would be ‘dynamic’. The mass majority of the album feels very alive and organic. Josh also throws in some Flamenco style music in with the tracks ‘Tempestuous (Kaysan Battle A)‘ and Precipitous (Kaysan Battle B) ’. You can also hear similarities of music in Ravenmark that were also done in the Gun Girl 2 OST by Josh.

Big Giant Circles and Hyper Duck Studios have also both thrown in a free bonus remixed track each in the album for your listening pleasure.

The only possible complaint I could have is that there isn’t more of a variety of styles of music in the album from Josh. there’s nothing inherently wrong with that, but a change in styles/genres sometimes can help breathe some fresh life into the rest of a soundtrack, especially one this long.  The flamenco styles tracks are highly welcome for this exact reason. But if the majority of the soundtrack is exactly what you like, bonus, because there’s lots of it. :D

The Good:
Excellently composed and produced soundtrack.
Feels like a game soundtrack and not a movie soundtrack rip.
Plenty of tracks.

The Bad:
Not a lot of variety in music styles/genres.

My favorite tracks are: Gallant Hero CalliusTempestuous (Kaysan Battle A), Usun’s Theme,  Cloe’s Theme (Bonus Track).

You can pick up the album at Josh Whelchel’s bandcamp page for $4.99.

Ravenmark: Scourge of Estellion Original Soundtrack: 3.75/5.0 Stars

1.Scourge of Estellion 02:34
2.Grievous Affairs 01:31
3.The Invocati 01:10
4.Gallant Hero Callius 02:18
5.Respite 01:17
6.Imperial Affairs 01:50
7.They Came from Shadow 01:05
8.Apoplectic (Estellion Battle A) 03:20
9.Fanfare 00:33
10.Temporary Escape 01:06
11.Strike and Peril 01:38
12.Birth of a Raven 01:10
13.Alejo's Theme 01:49
14.Thaddeus' Theme 01:50
15.Swarm of the Suneater 01:37
16.Deception in Strife 01:30
17.Chicanery Within 02:16
18.Dissension (Estellion Battle B) 02:59
19.Harper's Theme 01:46
20.Perplexity for a Devilish Heart 00:58
21.Alarm! 00:50
22.Climactic (Battle Jeopardy!) 02:01
23.Cataclysm (Battle) 02:53
24.Fell Raven 01:04
25.High Cost 01:31
26.Paroxysm in the Warchroots 01:57
27.Purposive (Battle) 01:32
28.They're Hunted 01:17
29.Marvel of Shadow, Livia 01:49
30.Usun's Theme 02:19
31.Insidious 01:39
32.Tempestuous (Kaysan Battle A) 03:06
33.And so it will fall... 01:29
34.The Islemen 01:47
35.Precipitous (Kaysan Battle B) 03:00
36.The Reiht 01:51
37.Walls of Atium 01:23
38.The Extremity (Battle) 02:12
39.Vanquishment 00:11
40.Cloe's Theme (Bonus Track) 01:30
41.Big Giant Circles - Scourge of Estellion (BGC Reprise) 03:19
42.HyperDuck SoundWorks - Til Death Do Us Party 02:36

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