To The Moon Original Soundtrack Review

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When I went to review this album, I was feeling pretty pissed off at the world and just ready to tell anyone to F’ off. When the world starts over whelming me and I get hit with what is probably considered sensory overload, everything just feels like crap to me. When I started listening to this album, I immediately felt better.

The album I’m referring to is the Soundtrack of To The Moon.

To The Moon is an adventure game that revolves around fulfilling the last request of a dying man by changing his memories so he can live out his life the way he always wanted to. The premise of the game called for an emotion driven soundtrack , and the album delivers. The soundtrack was composed majorily by Kan R. Gao with three tracks by the Plants Vs Zombies composer, Laura Shigihara (tracks 14,23,24) with Laura lending her singing talents to ‘Everything’s Alright‘. The sound track also comes with the 2 trailer theme parts, and the second part is with Laura singing and an instrumental version.

The soundtrack is filled with sorrowful, touching, and peaceful songs that are sure to fill you with the emotions they seek to emit. Some are darker than others, and some are filled with a sweet melancholy. Emotion and feeling can really bed heard in the piano when it’s being used. You can tell they putting the emotion they are feeling into the performance of the piano. It was really hard for me to pick best songs from the album as their is so many to choose from. I’m looking forward to the next album Kan does, as these are some highly recommended tunes.

The only wrong thing I can find with the album is some of the songs seem to cut off abruptly when playing, which you can here in the bandcamp player at the top of this post. I’m not sure if it’s a problem with the player or how the songs were uploaded, but it kind of distracts from the mood the album when it happens. Also the beeping in the trailer tracks, you’ll know what I mean when you hear it.

There is the odd upbeat song on the album, like ‘World’s Smallest Ferris Wheel‘ being chipper and ‘Teddy‘ being what I would consider a battle song. If you’re looking for an upbeat, chipper, or anything of the like soundtrack, this isn’t an album for you. This is an album that when you listen, you close your eyes, and dream.

The Good:
Beautifully composed and performed.
Filled with emotions and calming/relaxing effects.
Comes with tracks and vocals by Laura Shigihara.

The Bad:
The tracks sometimes end abruptly.
The Trailer Theme Part 1/2′s beeping sounds more like heavy machinery backing up than a heart monitor. Kind of made me giggle which I’m pretty sure wasn’t the desired effect. ( I even thought there was machinery outside my house when I first heard it.)

My favorite songs are: To the Moon – Main ThemeHaving LivedBorn a StrangerAnya by the Stars

You can pick up the album at Kan R. Gao’s bandcamp page.

To The Moon OST: 3.75/5.0 STARS

1.To the Moon - Main Theme 04:56
2.Between a Squirrel and a Tree 01:18
3.Spiral of Secrets 01:06
4.For River - Piano (Sarah & Tommy's Version) 02:58
5.Bestest Detectives in the World 01:15
6.Too Bad So Sad 00:08
7.Teddy 00:42
8.Uncharted Realms 01:08
9.Having Lived 01:21
10.Moonwisher 02:10
11.Born a Stranger 01:41
12.For River - Piano (Johnny's Version) 01:39
13.Lament of a Stranger 01:05
14.Everything's Alright (Music Box) 00:40
15.Moongazer 02:15
16.Anya by the Stars 02:15
17.Take Me Anywhere 00:59
18.Warning (AKA best track ever) 00:09
19.Beta-B 01:06
20.World's Smallest Ferris Wheel 00:35
21.Once Upon a Memory 02:25
22.Once Upon a Memory (Piano) 01:35
23.Laura Shigihara - Everything's Alright 03:25
24.Everything's Alright (Reprise) 00:58
25.Tomorrow 02:10
26.Launch 01:57
27.To the Moon - Piano (Ending Version) 05:15
28.Eva's Ringtone 00:04
29.Trailer Theme - Part 1 01:43
30.Trailer Theme - Part 2 (feat. Laura Shigihara) 01:49
31.Trailer Theme - Part 2 (Instrumental)

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