The Indie Game Music Bundle!

Guess what we’ve got for Black Friday? That’s right, we’ve got the Indie Game Music Bundle! For one day only you can get 10 super awesome albums for $1! One dollar! Of course with every bundle you could (and should) pay more for the amount of entertainment you receive. As an added bonus you get 7 other albums if you pay $10 or more. Yep, 17 albums and soundtracks for $10. That’s about 59 cents an album, which honestly, you’re not gonna find a deal like that anywhere else with music this awesome.

My plan is to go through each and everyone of these albums for a review. I have already done a select few of them (listed below) but it’s only proper if I do them all. So if you’re reading it in the future and missed the sale, you can read the reviews to determine which albums you want. If you’re reading this on Black Friday, just buy the music. It’s never gonna get cheaper than this. And who knows, if it goes good, then more bundles might come out. :D

You can pick up the albums and soundtracks at

The list of the albums includes:

$1-10 mark

Minecraft: Volume Alpha by C418

Cobalt EP by anosou and various artists (Click here for the review)

Super Meat Boy: Digital Special Edition by Danny Baranowski

Imposter Nostalgia by Big Giant Circles

Ravenmark by Josh Whelchel (Read the review here)

A.R.E.S. by Hyperduck Soundworks

Return All Robots by zircon

Mighty Milky Way/ Mighty Flip Champs by Virt

PPPPPP: VVVVVV OST by Souleye (Read the review here)

Tree of Knowledge by yogurtbox


And the $10+ albums

Wind-up Knight by Josh Whelchel  (Read the review here)

The Binding of Isaac by Danny Baranowski (Read the review here)

72 minutes of fame by C418

Milksnake OST by yogurtbox

Antigravity! by  zircon

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