Extreme Road Trip Soundtrack Review

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Okay, this is gonna be a short one, mostly because the OST of the game is so short. Here we have the Extreme Road Trip Soundtrack by Souleye of VVVVVV fame.

The songs:

First up we have the Title track. It’s a funky tune with some 80s sounding guitar thrown in. For some reason I keep thinking of a slowed down battle theme from Lunar: Silver Star when I hear the guitar kick in, just you know, with more realistic guitar sounds. Or I could just be going crazy…

The handheld version of the Title track seems to be pretty much the same thing as the regular title track.

The track “In Game” which kicks up the chip tune a lot. It shares some of the same motifs in the title tracks, but done a whole lot better. This one screams a lot more of a C64 style sound than an NES style track. This is pretty much the best track on this incredibly short soundtrack.

And then we have “The Schlong Song” which is uh… pretty weird. It’s someone playing on what either sounds like a ukulele or classical guitar and just starts singing and jamming out. If I could understand the lyrics (My Achilles heel is I have a hard time understanding sung lyrics and most of what I hear is misheard.) then I would tell you what it’s about. But judging from the title and that the f-bomb gets dropped at least once, it’s probably something not safe for work.

And there we have it, the whole soundtrack.

You can get the soundtrack at Souleye’s site.

Final Thoughts: Take the “in Game” track and pretty much leave the rest. Or better yet, go listen to PPPPPP, the awesome VVVVVV OST. (Personal note: Sorry Souleye, not your best work.)

The Good:
The in game song is pretty rocking.

The Bad: Short soundtrack.
The other two songs aren’t quite up to par.

My favorite Track: Extreme Road Trip Ingame

Extreme Road Trip OST:

Rating: ★★¾☆☆ 

1.Extreme Road Trip Title 00:57 (2.5/5.0)
2.Extreme Road Trip Ingame 02:35 (3.5/5.0)
3.The Schlong Song 1:33 (2.0/5.0)

3 Responses to Extreme Road Trip Soundtrack Review

  1. Souleye says:

    The title track needs to be looped to infinity in order to really appreciate it! :D

  2. Saturn2888 says:

    I’d have to agree with Souleye here, I have listened to the title track over and over and over and over again, and it’s pretty darn awesome. This OST (aside from the bonus song) represents some of his most-catchy tunes. In a game where you have to listen to them over and over again, it’s great to know the tunes are, yet again, some really well-done works.

    I’d find it strange if, when finishing one of these tunes, you don’t go ahead and hit the play button again.

    • KM says:

      I’ll have to agree to slightly disagree on this one. I’ll admit the in game song is pretty darn good and catchy, but I still like the ones in PPPPPP better. But I don’t quite think the title theme is quite there in catchyness, though I imagine most people don’t sit around at the title screen on this game, so the point could be moot.

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