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Happy turkey devouring day, you Americans! Here we have the EP for the game Cobalt by anosou. This album consists entirely of the main theme, trailer theme and remixes of the main theme by quite a few notables in the indie game music community.

To start off, I’ll let everyone know that when it comes to remix albums, I judge the remixes harder than the original song as I believe a remix should bring something to the song that the original doesn’t have. Also, I’m gonna try a individual song rating for this review as I was thinking of adding those in with my reviews. Let me know what you think of the idea by leaving a comment below or tweeting me @TIG_Tunes. With that said, let’s do the review.

First up we have the track that is the reason for the whole EP in the first place. The Cobalt (Menu)/Main Theme is of course by anosou. The catchy number is your down tempo electronic song with 80s synthpop drums. The song comes with a catchy hook that the majority of the song revolves around.

The Cobalt (Trailer Extended) theme by anosou is your electronica mixed with heavy dirty guitar for a hook. It gets in your face with the guitar and then slows it down to bring more or less the main theme back into the song, then ends with some more dirty guitar.

bigGIANTcircles  bring the dubstep for Cobalt (My Little Blue Friend) and he brings it hard. This is probably gonna be your take home remix of the EP as it is done very well and the dubstep style really hits you in the face.

C418 tones it down for us with Cobalt (Something Something Remix). A relaxing version of the main theme with strings and piano that has synth drums thrown in for good measure. No TV and beer makes C418 go something something.

SoulEye takes the theme and gives Cobalt (Salts of Alumina) a jazzy edge. The nu jazz style song is infused with more a groovier beat and throws in a trumpet/brass style synth and some jazz flute but with less stepping on people’s tables and breaking glasses. Souleye then puts down a strictly chip-tune ending for the song. This one makes for one of the better remixes on the EP.

Chris Geehan breaks out the old Mega Man X1 soundfont to bring you  Cobalt (Blue BomberJacket) (hence the name.) What it ends up being a downtempo MMX track belonging to I’m pretty sure would fit right in in a winter/ice cave level for a SNES Mega Man X game. Good stuff, but is just doesn’t quite bring the catchiness of MMX songs like Storm Eagle to the fray.

surasshu tosses in into the mix with Cobalt (Impulse Remix) with a more bassy dubstep-like main lead synth. Depending on whether or not you like the lead synth will make or break the song for you, because it’s pretty included in the entire track and is the first thing you’ll hear.

Whitaker Blackall brings us Cobalt (Chunkopia) for the EP. It starts with a low key thin intro that sounds like it’s played through some cheap small speakers (intended effect) and thickens it up later in the intro. The styling plays a little like a less exuberant Daft Punk song in some parts, but unfortunatly Whitaker kind of leaves in the thin throughout most of the song, especially in the drums until, half way through the song.  Then Whitaker drops in the hard dub-step to change up the mix, then somemore Daft Punk styling and then to a almost strictly chip-tune segment with added flare to bring the song to a close. This would be the most varied mixed track of the styles in the bunch but the first half of the song brings in a down a bit in my opinion.

Cobalt (Trailer) is basically the shorter version of the trailer theme. Not really much to say about that.

Final Thoughts: Each individual song in the EP is a good song in it’s own right, but I would of liked to see more diversification in the genres of music that were used. Instead of each song sounding like a remix of the theme, the EP more or less sounds like a really long version of the main theme. The good news is that if you like the original main theme, you’re almost guaranteed to like the rest of the EP. I look forward to hearing the whole soundtrack when it comes out anosou.

You can get the EP at anosou’s bandcamp site for €2, though most of the album is free anyway *shrugs*.

Have anything to say about the review? Want to tell me I don’t know my genre’s from a hole in the ground? Want to give your own rating? Then please leave a comment and click on the star rating below to cast your vote on the quality of the EP.

I will finish the rest of the review with star rating for each song after I get home from work when I figure out how to do it.

The Good:

Each song is a good song in their own rights. No stinkers involved.

The Bad:

No one brought out anything besides Elctronica style music for the remixes.

My favorite Tracks: Cobalt (Menu)Cobalt (Trailer Extended)bigGIANTcircles – Cobalt (My Little Blue Friend)SoulEye – Cobalt (Salts of Alumina)

Colbalt EP:

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Cobalt (Menu) 02:38
Cobalt (Trailer Extended) 02:03
bigGIANTcircles – Cobalt (My Little Blue Friend) 03:36
C418 – Cobalt (Something Something Remix) 02:40
SoulEye – Cobalt (Salts of Alumina) 02:58
Chris Geehan – Cobalt (Blue BomberJacket) 02:08
surasshu – Cobalt (Impulse Remix) 03:38
Whitaker Blackall – Cobalt (Chunkopia) 04:19
Cobalt (Trailer) 01:23

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