Last Chance for Savings (Plus a bonus 4 albums)

Here’s your last chance for savings with the Indie Game Music Bundle! And as an added bonus for the last day, they have 4 new albums for people who paid $10 and over!  The 4 new albums are: Circle by C418, Cardboard Box Assembler by anosou, Songs for the Cure ’11: Remedy by Various Artists, and Undead on Arrival: Bytejacker OST by Hyperduck Soundworks. Get them while they’re hot, as they’ll be gone in a few hours.

Also, in other news, I’ll pretty much be doing updates on weekdays from now on with breaks on the weekends as that would best fit my schedule right now as I work all day Sat/Sun and only nights Thu/Fri. This is going to be temporary seeing as my job ends near the end of December and assuming I don’t get another job before that. Also, no update today seeing as my house nearly got burned to a crisp so I ended up staying in a hotel Sunday night, and the router that houses the DHCP server was bugging out and locked behind a door I had no access to so I had no internet all day. Oh well.


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