The Binding of Isaac Soundtrack

This week I’ve got somewhat of a theme lined up for TIG Tunes. I’m doing Humble Indie Bundle Soundtracks from the Voxatron bundle and also games from the Indie Royale bundle. I’m sure everyone knows about the Humble Indie Bundle by now, but the Indie Royale is the new kid on the block. Either way, they both have some pretty damn fine games, and some pretty damn fine music. So let’s get this started.

First up we have The Binding of Isaac Soundtrack by Danny Baranowsky with 2 guest tracks by Jimmy Hinson(Big Giant Circles) and Some Dude who did music on a game that no one’s ever heard of. (Just kidding C418, we love yah. You too notch. ;)  The soundtrack mostly consists of symphonic tunes that have some techno/chiptune styles thrown in. There’s a few toned down tracks conveying sad emotions/fearful emotions and a few tracks with voice overs in them. It’s all be very well done with the same care as Danny put into Super Meat Boy’s soundtrack.

You can get this game on The Voxatron Humble Indie Bundle by paying above @notch’s amount the average and it comes with the soundtrack. (Unless you’re reading this from the future, then you’re out of luck.) And if you didn’t buy the Humble Indie Bundle, you can pick up the sound track for a buck at Danny’s bandcamp page or on Steam (game needs to be purchased for Steam).

Danny also worked on the Soundtrack to the game Super Meat Boy and did arranging for the Aquaria soundtrack, both quite excellent soundtracks.

The good:
The entire album was done excellently, filled with tons of symphonic tracks sprinkled with techno/chiptune fusions and a strictly chiptune track thrown in for good measure.
The music gets really moody and creepy, if you’re into that brooding feeling.
Two bonus tracks.

The bad:
There’s a few tracks that have a lack of substance, like the track ‘Temptation”.
If you’re expecting something that’s pretty much the Super Meat Boy’s soundtrack, you are going to be sorely disappointed, these two soundtracks are completely different beasts.
It has SPOILERS in the soundtrack!! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

The Binding of Isaac Soundtrack: 3.5/5.0 Stars

1.Those Responsible 00:13
2.In The Beginning... 02:21
3.The Binding of Isaac 03:17
4.Unknown Depths Below 00:05
5.Sacrificial 05:08
6.Conflicted 00:08
7.Divine Combat 02:27
8.Pride 00:07
9.Peace Be With You 02:10
10.Agony 00:12
11.Repentant 05:22
12.Respite 02:04
13.$4cR1f1c14|_ 05:01
14.Dreadful 05:02
15.Burning Ambush 02:23
16.Greed 02:43
17.Thine Wrath... 03:15
18.Apostate 05:08
19.Hereafter 01:30
20.Temptation 02:14
21.The Pact 00:07
22....Be Done 02:01
23.Absolution 00:46
24.Ultimate Reward 00:13
25.End Times 01:54
26.In The Beginning... (No Voiceover) 02:21
27.Big Giant Circles - The Clubbing of Isaac (Remix) (free) 03:53
28.C418 - Atempause (free) 02:03

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