Beautiful Lifestyle by George & Jonathan

Everyone lately has been posting about this album, and since I did a review of their last album, I probably should do this one as well despite it not being really indie game music related.

The good:  I’m pretty sure I like this album over their last one. This album has quite high quality sounding tunes that scream well done productions. It also has tons of ear pleasing textures throughout basically the whole album. If you like funk style chip tunes with a heavy emphasis on drum and bass this’ll probably be an album you love.

The bad: I think it relies a little too heavily on ‘cool’ sounds and and shys away from melodys or just doesn’t highlight them as well as it could. If you don’t like funk style chip tunes or music with a heavy emphasis on drum and bass, this will probably not be the album for you.

The album can be listened to in whole on the George and Jonathan site or at their bandcamp page. This album might not be my exact cup of tea, but I can see this album being one that people love. It’s only $5 on their bandcamp site. Either way, give it a listen just to see what it’s all about because it’s pretty unique stuff.

Beautiful Lifestyle by George & Jonathan: 3.25/5 stars

1. Eyes On The Prize 02:09
2. The Next Best Thing 03:11
3. Dubstep Daycare 02:05
4. Burning Up Inside (free) 02:56
5. Street Monsters 01:02
6. Hissy Snake Popout 02:16
7. Unicorns Forever 02:49
8. Planet Funk 02:59
9. Music 00:48
10. New Haircut 02:38
11. Little Marcus 02:05
12. One Hundred Lifetimes 03:40

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