Antigravity by Zircon Review

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Next on my list of albums from the many, many albums from the Indie game Music Bundle is the Antigravity by Zircon (don’t worry, there’s no viruses on his site.) The album was released May 10th 2007, so it’s been around a good while now. Zircon is a judge at the very awesome OCRemix and due to him having a lot of tracks on OCR I have been listening to his music for the last 7 years or so.

Notes: Jillian Goldin changed her last name to Aversa because Zircon had something to do with it. (I’ll give you a hint, Zircon‘s real name is Andrew Aversa.) So the tracks have her old last name but I refer to her with her new last name.

The Songs:

Prelude: This song is mostly just a pad and strings intro, not really much to talk about here. Nice atmosphere though.

Breathing You In [feat. Jillian Goldin]: Now here we have a great song. It starts off a bit slower, but quickly builds up into some sweet trance style sounds. Then the the song comes to a complete stop to bring about a vocal section and throws in some more sweet trance. The drums really stand out in this track, and I really like the choice of lead synths. Kudos to Jillian Aversa for great vocal tracks. Despite clocking in at 6:51, it doesn’t feel like it over stays it’s welcome. A must listen.

Throwdown: Starts throwing down the groovy bass and beats (pun intended.) It somewhat feels like a electronic style big band sound to me. It’s definitely something different.

Speed of Light: It has a nice solid beat and is a pretty good techno/electronica song, but nothing particularly stands out in this track.

Standpipe Valve: The lead synth at the beginning really sticks out in this one, despite it being nice simple blips. The song somewhat gets repetitive after the first few sections until near the very end when they bring back the original lead synth.  It still is nice solid Trance either way.

Mindbender: Brings in that 70s funk sound mixed with the eletronica music we’ve heard in the rest of the album. This song has much less going on in terms of lead synths and is more focus on an ambient with heavy drums and bass. Stands out a little more in comparison to the previous three tracks.

Without Regret (Interlude): Toning it down again, this one is a nice electronic rhythm with pianos thrown in. The drums have been scaled back in this song giving it something different than the rest of the album so far.

Depth Charge: Here comes the DnB. This has quite the drum patterns that I really like. The high gain rhythm guitars that sit in the background through chunks of the song really add to the mix well. One of the top tracks in the album.

Warhead: the lead synths on this one seem to be sitting farther back in the soundscape than most of the other tunes on thisalbum, especially in the beginning of the song. This makes me think of an old Sonic-like song that has been done by someone who’s really into hard electronic music.

Ladder to the Sky: I should really have a good explanation of this one, but how many different ways of saying ‘really good drums, bass and synths in a electronic style’ can I say? This one does tone it down a bit like Without Regret (Interlude) though. It does have some nice piano parts in it though.

Nitronic: This song I feel has more influence from old games from the Genesis/SNES era and less with club music. It’s not a bad track, but I don’t really have anything particularly to say about it.

The Art of Zen: Changing it up a bit, we’ve got a song that’s not so much focused on lead synths but more traditionally instruments like pianos, string pads, and various others. It sets a nice ambient feel with more than enough going on to keep it from getting boring.

Antigravity [feat. Jillian Goldin]: At the end we have the second vocal track. This song actually sits more in a vein of a ballad with classical Celtic stylings. I really dig this song, and it definitely is the most unique song on the entirealbum. Again, kudos to Jillian Aversa for the fantastic singing.

Final Thoughts: Fans of trance, techno, house or any genres of the like will find something to love in this album. You won’t see much variation from those kind of genres in the album save the last song, so if you’re not a fan of them, you may want to steer clear of the album. Though it doesn’t hurt to just take a listen since you can preview it on Zircon’s bandcamp page. The majority of the album, save a few songs really hit hard with the drums, synths and the builds/breaks in the music. Would fit right in at the club.

The Good:
Great, solid electronic style music tracks.
Fantastic singing by Jillian Aversa.
Longer album, so you get your money’s worth in length.

The Bad:
There’s a bad? Unless you hate electronic music with great drum patterns, then no, there is no bad.

My favorite Tracks: Breathing You In [feat. Jillian Goldin]Depth ChargeAntigravity [feat. Jillian Goldin]

Antigravity by Zircon:

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Prelude 01:12
Throwdown 03:02
Mindbender 04:26
Warhead 03:39
Nitronic 04:24

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