Wind​-​up Knight Soundtrack

This is why I frequently refer to Josh Whelchel as the ‘hardest working musician in indie video games.’ Despite just announcing he’ll have an album out on Nov 11th, he comes out with a completely different album today. This album is for the cell phone game Wind-up Knight.

The soundtrack is very medieval sounding with a bit of techno beats thrown in. If more classic/medieval/renaissance music is your thing, you’ll love this soundtrack. The album is currently $2.99 on his bandcamp site and is worth every penny for the 10 tracks.

The only gripe I have with the soundtrack is with the song coin-purse (store). I’m not sure what exactly the deal with the song is, but the dissonance in it rubs me the wrong way. Besides that, there’s really no flaws with the soundtrack.

You can pick the soundtrack up by following the link to the bandcamp page here.

Wind​-​up Knight Soundtrack: 3.25/5 stars

1. Wind-up Fughetta (Title) 02:10
2. Minuet in Magic (World 1) 02:24
3. Fearless of Fangs (World 2) 02:03
4. Funky Spelunky (World 3) 02:07
5. Torchlit Toccata (World 4) 02:07
6. Crank it Up! (Secret Stage!) 02:53
7. Weird Waltz (Wait, Wut?) (free) 02:22
8. Coin-Purse (Store) 02:02
9. VICTOLY! (free) 00:06
10. Under the Sea (Sub-Aquatic Stages)

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