Waker Original Sound Track


I decided to post something a little more relaxing this time around as I’ve been having a pretty hectic time IRL. The OST was done by Disasterpeace.

This is the OST for Waker. It’s a sound trackĀ reminiscentĀ of the quiet and soothing songs of Legend of Mana (at least to me anyway.) It’s pretty good and might give you a nice feeling on a crazy day when you just want everything to slow down. I’d suggest putting it on loop as it is a bit short.

To download the full album you need to go to the bandcamp page and then give it your e-mail to download.


Waker Original Sound Track: 3/5 stars rating.

1. Disasterpeace – Every Time We Dream (2:10)
2. Disasterpeace – Through the Sky (2:11)
3. Disasterpeace – The Earth’s Restoration (2:14)
4. Disasterpeace – Morning Star (1:28)
5. Disasterpeace – Pleasant Waking (1:18)

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