Site updates.

As you can see, the site has received a dramatic facelift. I’m still working out kinks in the website, but over all I think it’s a vast improvement over the old site design. If you run into something wrong with the site or have a suggestion, please leave me a comment or e-mail me at tigmusicnetwork (at) and I’ll try to figure out the problem as soon as I can.

One thing I was thinking while looking for soundtracks to write about is that the current list I have of albums that I want to review eventually tallys around $300. That’s about from 66 albums too. Now if I want to play through indie games looking for sound tracks that haven’t been posted yet, that’s gonna bring costs up way more. I want to get people’s opinions on putting up a donate button to help pay for the costs of the site, album purchases and indie games that may have good soundtracks to listen to. Should I go for it? Or should I wait and mostly focus on free content? Or should I quit bitching, get a better job and pay for it myself? Please let me know in the comments.

Also on that note, if you’re an indie game dev or music composer, it’d greatly help me to review soundtracks if you sent me reviewer copies of soundtracks. You can send any download links or codes to me at tigmusicnetwork (at) for reviewing.

And sorry about the lack of updates lately. I’ve currently been working on the site plus dealing with some serious personal matters. I should have a post up for you tomorrow.

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