Happy one year Hiatus!!

So here we are, one year later. Without a single update. I’ve never really told anyone why, so I may as well start here.

The biggest reason would be the general lack of support from the community. Sure I got support from the artists I posted about, but it just seems like there was no general interest in indie game music for the community. The whole point of this site was to increase exposure of various artists and their music to people besides musicians. But the only people who gave a damn were the musicians themselves, which kind of defeats the purpose of the site.

I don’t know if maybe I’m stubborn or just plain stupid, but I’m thinking of starting the site back up again. Instead of any business or how to make music stuff, it’s just gonna be strictly  about indie game music news, artists and songs. Some other changes I would need to do is find a new host as this one I don’t like because they basically suspended my other site, despite the fact I fixed the problem with it and won’t turn it back on. That and it’s really unweildy to use and has WAY too many ads for a service I’m already paying to use. Some suggestions for a new hosting service would be great.

Also, things will be done in my spare time, which means I won’t be constantly searching for updates that I could do to the point I’m not doing anything else but searching all day and getting nothing done. :/ So that means if I don’t find anything that week, no posts that week, or I may do a repost of an old album I like.

Assuming if I did start up again officially, I would sure appreciate the support of the indie community this time, and not just the musicians. If you figure indie game music is worth people knowing about, and you have a considerable amount of followers/fans then it would be appreciated by indie musicians if you got the word out about them. It’s not something you have to do, or something that you should go out of your way for, but it’d just be nice for the musicians.

As for musicians, or people that know musicians or even just know about some good music, feel free to let me know at anytime about yourself or the music. You can reach me at tigmusicnetwork (At) gmail.com .  Permission to put the music on my site for previews of a few songs and also a direct download links to the albums usually helps things (Like bandcamp), but if you have a soundcloud or anything else, I’d make it as accessible as possible.

This is all assuming I go through with it.  Worse case scenario is that there’s an archive of really good music on the internet that sits there without anyone discoverying.

Let me know what you think by e-mail or in the comments below, or heck, just bitch at me in the comments for not updating in a year. Or just call me a doucher.

2 Responses to Happy one year Hiatus!!

  1. Neat! I didn’t expect this website to come back this soon. You can count on me being around here in any case, gotta love indie music. ;)

    It’s a shame Shackspace is down though, you appear to have had a lot of music on there.

  2. Huzzah! I’m really happy to hear that you might be picking it up again.

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