Cave Story Remix Project 2



Against my better judgement from the lack of a response I’ve received from non-musician fans of IVGM, I’m gonna go with a test run of trying the site out again. We’ll see how it goes.

I decided that I might as well pick up right where I left off and review the Cave Story Remix Project2!

Unfortunately I can’t say this version is at the same par as the original.

There are three albums, just like last time, but it seems that there’s just not the same quality put forth. The music literally jumps all over the place in quality, from the awesome remix that is Town of Leaves, to some stuff that is in all honesty, pretty much unlistenable. A bit more effort put forth on certain songs, like fixing up duff notes could of went a long way.

The good news is there are some gems on the albums (especially if you like metal), a lot of them done by rtnario who goes by LEAF XCEED music division in the albums. Also GIRakaCHEEZER has a good chunk of good music thrown in the mix that I like.

There is also a really long (29:27) song on the first album called “The Journey Goes On” that to my knowledge is a live performance done by Wedge of Cheese. It’s  a nifty thing to listen to, and kudos to the performance.

All I can really tell you is brave the music, see what you like and leave the rest. There’s a zip file on the website where you can download the whole project.

My favorite tracks are: Town of Leaves, Cave Story War, HUZZAH, Swim, Ikachan!, and King.






***I’ll get a real star system here later, on the todo list.***

Dreams of a Chiller Time: 2.75 stars

Azure Resonance: 2.0 stars

Choirs of Demons: 3.25 stars

Cave Story Remix Project 2 Tracklist

Dreams of a Chiller Time: 
1. LEAF XCEED Music Division – Town Of Leaves (1:38)
2. JJ “Wedge of Cheese” Treadway – Village Child (3:41)
3. nailcliper – Through the Labyrinth (2:47)
4. nailcliper – Safe Zone (1:20)
5. DJ Corey “JetHawk95″ – Techno Child (1:30)
6. Your Uncle’s Band – Horizons (1:50)
7. JJ “Wedge of Cheese” Treadway – River of Sand (2:38)
8. GIRakaCHEEZER – Swim, Ikachan! (2:41)
9. JJ “Wedge of Cheese” Treadway – Home At Last (3:20)
10. JJ “Wedge of Cheese” Treadway – The Journey Goes On (29:27)

Azure Resonance: 
11. GIRakaCHEEZER – Stronghold of the Wind (4:19)
12. GIRakaCHEEZER – Thermal Winds (3:04)
13. FrozenFire – Interruption (1:33)
14. DaPhinoXX – System Core (2:06)
15. nailcliper – Lunar Eclipse (2:28)
16. JJ “wedge of cheese” Treadway – Soldier’s Prayer (5:19)
17. GIRakaCHEEZER – Stone White Wall (3:12)
18. DJ-Corey-X – In the Distance (2:43)
19. Destroyer9283 – Cosmic Corridor (2:40)
20. GIRakaCHEEZER – King (1:59)
21. DJ Corey-X – Pure Darkness (3:19)
22. GIRakaCHEEZER – Egg No. 00 (3:13)
23. JJ “wedge of cheese” Treadway – Through the Clouds (6:48)
24. MasterJace – Pinnacle (3:52)

Choirs of Demons: 
25. LEAF XCEED Music Division – Path Of Ruin (2:28)
26. GIRakaCHEEZER – Pillow of Fire (2:58)
27. Kuro_Kun – Boss Runner (4:53)
28. JetHawk95, FrozenFire – Electric Distortion (2:24)
29. LEAF XCEED Music Division – HUZZAH (1:04)
30. JJ “Wedge of Cheese” Treadway – Doukutsu Death Dance (5:23)
31. Divine Wrath – Nemesis (3:34)
32. LEAF XCEED Music Division – Cave Story War (2:06)
33. JJ “wedge of cheese” Treadway – Collapse (4:35)
34. LEAF XCEED Music Division – Imminent Chaos (1:17)
35. DJ Corey “Jethawk 95″ – Escape the Crisis (3:03)
36. JJ “Wedge of Cheese” Treadway – Fallen Hero (7:20)
37. LEAF XCEED Music Division – Core Oppression (3:21)

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