Amnesia: The Dark Descent Soundtrack

Possibly the scariest indie game ever conceived, and possibly only topped by a game by the same company. I bring you the soundtrack to Amnesia: The Dark Descent for All Hallows‘ Eve. Composed by Mikko Tarmia.

To go with one of the creepiest and scariest games ever (indie or otherwise), a soundtrack that was equally creepy and scary was needed. Thankfully, that’s exactly what we got. In context, the songs are great. Unfortunately, there are a good chunk of songs that just don’t give a lot of listening pleasure unless you’re in the right environment to listen to said songs. On the bright side, the songs that aren’t made to allow your attention to focus on the text in game are just plain wonderful. Though if you were to take only one song from the entire Amnesia OST with you, it would be Lux Tenebras. This song is fantastic! It’s production value are very well done, it’s got raw emotion and is beautiful in so many ways.

Now, I’m not quite sure what the album will cost for everyone as I ended up buying it for $5.22 CAD and I don’t know the actual native currency it’s in, but somewhere between $5.00 – 5.50 USD should be a safe bet.

But wait, there’s more!

I thought the OST was a little short with 19 songs and I’m pretty sure that I didn’t hear everything I thought I heard in the game, and I was right. A lot of songs got left out of the OST. The good news? If you have the game, the songs are all in OGG format right in the music folder of the installation directory and are completely unencrypted. So you now have 116 files of music basically free if you bought the game, and there’s some really good songs on there, like 08_amb, which is a really fricken creepy chase song.

I haven’t reviewed the set in the installation folder as they aren’t really prepared to be listened to the same way as an album as some should be looped as they are a little short, but were not looped in the file to conserve space. Either way, the game alone is easily worth the $5.25 it is on sale right now or so on their site or you can pick it up during the various sales on steam ($4 USD as of writing this.) But, if you buy the game directly from Frictional Games, you get the Amnesia album, absolutely free! So either you get a free game or a free album, depending on whichever way you look at it.

I’d definitely recommend getting this album, and you could use it to scare kids when they knock on your door for treats. >:D

You can pick up the album by going here.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent Soundtrack

Rating: ★★★¼☆ 

01. Menu theme
02. Darkness
03. Lux Tenebras
04. Grand hall
05. Ending: Alexander
06. Next to the Guardian
07. Theme for Unknown
08. Dark water
09. Daniel's room
10. Grunt's appearance
11. Back hall
12. Ending: Agrippa
13. Suitor attacks
14. Basement storage
15. Brennenburg theme
16. Hub
17. Ending: Alexander (alternative version)
18. Bridges
19. The End

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