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I got a real treat for you for this weekend. That treat is the Cave Story Remix Project!

Almost all your favorite tunes from Cave Story have been meticulously crafted into an awesomely mighty remixed indie game soundtrack! It has a little dance, a little chip and a whole lotta rock. You should be plenty pleased with this soundtrack as it comes with 3 discs in total, 2 being the soundtrack proper and the last being a bonus remix disc by k-wix.

My favorites are Taking Advantage, Grass Stains and Almost There.

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Cave Story Remix Project Tracklist

1. OverCoat – H20 (3:32)
2. tumult – Modulation (2:02)
3. Corran – Escape Route (6:39)
4. Quinn Fox – Taking Advantage (2:55)
5. Tackle – Grass Stains  (2:50)
6. k-wix – Mimiga Vibe (6:12)
7. Quinn Fox – Ballrawg (2:08)
8. Kris Davis – Island of Eden  (7:23)
9. Facelessman – Welcome Home (2:41)
10. Vaughn – Doukutsu Dance (4:00)
11. Quinn Fox – Tetrahedron (3:52)
12. Prophecy – Shoddy Loch (3:15)
13. sinowBeat – Decision (2:12)
14. Corran – Scrap Metal (4:23)
15. RushJet1 – Almost There  (2:46)
16. tumult – Cave Story  (1:37)
17. Quinn Fox – Combination Lock (4:03)
18. Dj Fezik – Orange Sunset  (2:25)
19. sinowBeat – A Hero’s Resting Place  (1:55)
20. Tackle – Ball of Ballos  (7:03)
21. Rexy – Smoothie Brace (4:56)
22. DJ Dain – Never Die  (8:02)
23. k-wix – Holiday Construction (3:18)
24. k-wix – Christmas Story (2:30)
25. k-wix – Chime Vale (3:33)
26. k-wix – Labyrinth Skirmish  (2:14)
27. k-wix – Beatbox Toaster  (3:16)
28. k-wix – Rave of the Inferno (3:01)
29. k-wix – Icewind Fortress (3:42)

4 Responses to Cave Story Remix Project

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  2. asdasde says:

    Very good work at some times, but ruined by things out of place.

    hard but deserved HIT on Guitar solos: totally unnecesary and out of place.
    Showing off it´s not ok. Even If you were really above the standard (this is not, but don´t get me wrong, it isn´t below it either, it´s just plain), showing off is still not ok. There are teens who like those random note shooting for a year or two. Then they go with the people who realizes that maybe that´s not what music is for.

    Vernian Process work on Cave Story is really better done, homogeneus in style and without those weird and unexpected (in the bad way) turns.

    I don´t mean to put the work down, i am writing about downsides.
    It is stil a good and vaste work. I think i just got pissed off with those amanzingly out of electric guitar solo sections.
    If they weren´t there, this would be so good.

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