Monthly Archives: October 2010

Cobalt announced, featuring anosou

The game Cobalt was recently announced, and our buddy anosou is doing the tracks for it. Here’s a gameplay video featuring some of the music from the game. You can read the original post here.

Cave Story Remix Project



*** The MP3 links need to be replaced. It’s on the todo list.***

I got a real treat for you for this weekend. That treat is the Cave Story Remix Project!

Almost all your favorite tunes from Cave Story have been meticulously crafted into an awesomely mighty remixed indie game soundtrack! It has a little dance, a little chip and a whole lotta rock. You should be plenty pleased with this soundtrack as it comes with 3 discs in total, 2 being the soundtrack proper and the last being a bonus remix disc by k-wix.

Upcoming Minecraft Music

C418 has posted some upcoming Minecraft music that everyone might be interested in. Take a listen and you should like it. :D

Immortal Defense OST



Here we have the Immortal Defense OST by Walter Eres and Long Dao for Immortal Defense by Paul Eres.


The soundtrack has a very movie soundtrack feel to it, so if you’re one to like symphonic movie OSTs then you are sure to like the Immortal Defense OST!

Legend also has it that Walter Eres is infact the father of Paul Eres. Now that’s got to be one of the most awesome dad things to do ever, by helping to make a soundtrack for your son’s video game. :D

NyxQuest OST – Steven Gutheinz Interview

Found an interview with Steven Gutheinz, composer for the NyxQuest OST. The interview is on Original Sound Version and features Steven Gutheinz and the Over the Top team.

You can read the interview here.