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VVVVVV, a very awesome indie puzzle platformer came out on steam on Sept 7th. Like most things, I’m late to the party and just playing this game for the first time. One thing I did notice was the kick ass chip tune soundtrack that it had, so I decided to review the VVVVVV OST album which is called PPPPPP by Souleye.

Good thing the soundtracks a kickass sound track as if you’ve ever played VVVVVV before you know that in some puzzles you’re gonna spend a lot of time working on a single room possibly getting very frustrated. Despite the long play time in some rooms, the songs are varied enough to keep things fresh and to keep you from getting annoyed. The dance music inspired chiptunes will pace you with the speed of the game and keep you grooving. Trust me, you’ll need it with VVVVVV. ;)

So if you like chiptunes, dance music, techno or any mix of the short, you should love the VVVVVV OST. Choosing a favorite has been pretty tough, but I think Positive Force is my favorite track. Other notables are, Pushing onwards, Passion for exploring and Popular potpourri. The soundtrack is only $4 US and you can purchase it here. Every purchase of an indie game music album helps the indie community. :)

You can also buy VVVVVV at the VVVVVV home page or through Steam.

Listen to some samples on Souleye’s homepage or below this text.



PPPPPP Track list

Pending silence 0:01
Powerup 0:03
Presenting VVVVVV 2:40
Pause 0:07
Pushing onwards 3:39
Path complete 0:08
Passion for exploring 2:52
Positive force 2:48
Predestined fate 2:10
Phear 0:17
Potential for anything 3:42
Pressure Cooker 3:27
plenary (game complete jingle) 0:21
Pipe dream 2:21
Popular potpourri 6:08
Positive force reversed 2:48
Waiting for VVVVVV 0:56

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8 Responses to VVVVVV OST

  1. KM says:

    Also a little bit of trivia. The pic that I used in this post is actually a screenshot I took in the game. If you’ve played VVVVVV and ever got to the Veni Vidi Vici/Doing things the hard way room you’ll understand why this pic is so awesome. ;)

    Just had to add that. It was a quite an accomplishment and only took me 250 tries.

  2. SquareWheel says:

    I refuse to try Veni Vidi Veci simply because I can’t handle the stress of dying repeatedly that much. I got every other trinket, though!

    Also, just bought the soundtrack, it’s awesome. =D

    • KM says:

      It may be stressful. It may tear at your very soul. But when you finally touch ground on the other side of that accursed block. That moment is when you realize, ‘It was worth it.’

      Honestly though I swear I was gonna have a hulk rage when I was coming back down and I accidentally pressed the right button too hard and rammed myself into a spike wall at the room with the trinket. :(
      3 minutes later I got it though.

      Also the sound track is pretty damn awesome, I’ve been listening to it on and off for about 5 days now. Hopefully more people buy it because it is worth the money.

      And by the way, welcome to the site. :D

    • Anonymous says:

      Normally, I’d agree with you, but the death penalty is so low in V that its easy to just keep trying. The one that pissed me off more was the “Reward for the Reckless” one because any screw up meant starting over. Especially if it meant hitting a later checkpoint and having to walk back to the start instead of just being sent there.

      Granted, it took a lot less time and far fewer deaths for me.

  3. SoulEye says:

    WHEEEE! :D

    I have a new URL now: http://www.souleye.se

    Thanks for the review :)

    - Magnus

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