NyxQuest OST

Wanna play a game? Well if you want to get this free album I tracked down, you’ll have to.

That’s right, the site hosting the NyxQuest OST makes you take a quiz on Ancient Greek Mythology and get all 3 questions right in order to get the album. Are you up to the challenge? Game FAQs on stand by? Are you ready? Then go… on ahead and read my short review of the soundtrack first. :D

The soundtrack was composed by Steven Gutheinz (also did the music for the movie Infestation) and was done for the WiiWare and Steam game NyxQuest. It has a very dynamic and movie soundtrack feel to it, showing the talent that Steven Gutheinz has. Most of the album is very soft, soothing music, but then it starts getting a little more bombastic around Helios.

The OST is a little on the short side, but supposedly there was only supposed to be 5 minutes of music used in the game originally. It’s worth the listen if you enjoy movie-like scores in your game OSTs. My favorite tracks are Helios and Hydra.

Maybe I should post a cheatsheet for this…

NyxQuest OST

1. Steven Gutheinz – Icarian NyxQuest (1:51)
2. Steven Gutheinz – Ta Panta Rei NyxQuest (2:20)
3. Steven Gutheinz – The Sun NyxQuest (2:32)
4. Steven Gutheinz – Icarus NyxQuest (3:08)
5. Steven Gutheinz – Kindred Spirits NyxQuest (2:26)
6. Steven Gutheinz – Helios NyxQuest (4:33)
7. Steven Gutheinz – Hydra NyxQuest (2:25)
8. Steven Gutheinz – Trailer NyxQuest (1:24)

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