Nanosmiles OST

I’ve been listening to this soundtrack recently. It’s for the Nanosmiles game, and I got to say it’s pretty awesome. Not too often do I get soundtracks that I want to listen to repeatedly but I keep reaching for this one on my play list. Telling from TIGSource referred it to me (thanks Telling :D ) and now I’m going to refer it you now.

The album consists mostly of quasi-chiptunes in a techno or dance format

Let’s go through this soundtrack, track by track.

The first track ‘opening’ is a pretty good easy going track but it’s little hard on the ears on the treble side.
The next track ‘others’ is an upbeat chiptune that has probably the weirdest snare sound I’ve heard before.
‘Funkascape’ is a chiptune laced with a severely awesome slap bass tha reminds me of the opening theme to Phantasy Star IV, and it is my favorite track of the whole soundtrack.
‘Lovefake’ is a dance oriented tune and is pretty decent. ‘acidsea’ starts off being a very sad song and ends up being a song with heavy drums and bass.
‘Nirvana’ is basically some bells ringing and then half way through it adss a rhythm pattern.
‘yourskin’ is another rhythm track with a piano coming in 1/3 of the ways in.
The track ‘inner world’s body’ is a techno track that is heavy on the synth bass drum.
‘openscape’ is another nice soft song with a little beat to it.
‘smilemachine’ is a nice slow track that has some neat vocals in it.
‘ending’ is a nice soft and soothing track to end the soundtrack with.

My favorites of the soundtrack are ‘others, ‘lovefake’ and of course ‘funkascape’.

The soundtrack is free, so definitely give the soundtrack a listen. You can get it via this link to Pause.

If you like the soundtrack, let all your friends know on Twitter! :D

Nanosmiles OST Tracklist

01 opening 2:02
02 others 2:53
03 funkascape 2:08
04 lovefake 3:19
05 acidsea 2:41
06 nirvana 1:36
07 yourskin 1:36
08 inner world’s body 1:46
09 openscape 0:53
10 smilemachine 2:04
11 ending 2:33

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