Jables’s Adventure OST

Jables’s Adventure just came out recently, it’s a short humourous  platformer where the hero is a kid with a squid on his head (but it looks more like an octopus to me…) and it’s his job to go on a adventure to slap kid’s hands, bother mermaids and shoot bears, sometimes under water! But guess what else just happen to come out a few days after the game. That’s right, the full game soundtrack. :D

Frantic Panda (Kevin Carville from Frantic Panda Studios) was awesome enough to provide the entire Jables’s Adventure OST free on his SoundCloud. You can give all the tracks a listen on there and download them to your harddrive or music player and take the tunes with you wherever you go (Just press the little black arrow pointing down on each track to download). I imagine the song ‘Happy Field’ would be a great song to walk through a park while listening to it.

The Jables’s Adventure OST is jam packed full of chiptunes. The types of songs range from mysterious (Cave) to chipper (Happy Field). It all goes really well with the areas of the game that they are played in.  My favorites from the album are Happy Field, Cave, and Volcano. Happy Field is the reason I thought of getting this soundtrack posted as I had the song stuck in my head for a good day and a half. It’ll probably happen to you too.

The OST may be a little on the short side, but so is the game. It’s definitely worth a listen. Also if you haven’t already, go play the game. It’s pure awesomeness and comes in a small dose of about an hour.

Jables’s Adventure OST Track list

1. Pickin On Squiddy 1.29
2. Jables Is Home 2.50
3. Im In The Cave 2.17
4. Menu Theme 0.59
5. Im In The House 0.29
6. Squiddy’s Theme 1.22
7. Forest Boss 0.49
8. Gameover 0.25
9. Im In The Water 1.45
10. Im In The Volcano 0.55
11. Im In The Clouds 1.36
12. Squid King 3.26
13. Im In A Shortcake 1.04
14. Cat Jam 0.22
15. Im In The Forest 1.28

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