Gungirl 2 OST

So I’ve been playing Gungirl 2 for the last two days. It is a really good game and decently long. If you like Cave Story or any Metroidvania you should like.

Now you’re probably wondering why I’m talking about a game instead of  music. Well one thing that really stands out in this game is the music. The ost was made by Josh Whelchel and boy does it rock. It’s a very heavy rock, metal and synth driven album that’s hard hitting and in your face, a lot like the game really. If you’re in a heavy metal mood and want to jam out on your air guitar then this soundtrack has what you need to rock out.  My favorite tracks are Anomaly, Sanctus Inferno and Opening Themes.


The only complaint I have about the soundtrack is the use of the main theme. It’s a tad over used. Just for curiosities sake I went and counted how many songs the theme was in and it’s in at least 12 songs. In a soundtrack of 30 songs that seems a little excessive.  It’s not bad if you listen to the soundtrack outside of the game, but if you’re playing the game for a few hours it can kind of get under your skin as these tracks tend to get used more than the other tracks. Thankful he makes it the theme varied for each song that it’s in. I think a less is more approach would of been better for the theme inclusion.

That’s really the only bad thing I can think of while listening to the OST. It’s a very well done soundtrack and you should get many hours of listening pleasure out of it. Highly recommended.

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