Cube Colossus OST By Fandrey

I stumbled across Fandrey on the TIGSource forums and decided to check out an album of his after hearing one of his songs he shared with us. Well he has a free OST for the game Cube Colossus on his website Atelier Lucid that I will be sharing with everyone today. I’m quite impressed with his music, it is pretty catchy and I find myself replaying the album when I’m not sure what I want to listen to at the moment.


The OST comes with 8 tracks in total. 4 songs are something along the lines of Fantasy Synth Rock (think something like Ys or the faster level tracks of Valkyrie Profile). The other 4 songs are an extra special treat for chiptune lovers as the remaining tracks are remixes of the 4 original songs. So you can have your cake, and eat it too.

So if you’re into high energy synth rock songs with a JRPG feel to them, you’ll love this short but awesome soundtrack. I know I will. Highly recommended.

My favorite?  It’s just so hard to choose… Probably Bullet Dance. :D

Cube Colossus OST Track list

Unfriendly Rave 2:49
Bullet Dance 2:14
A Ferocious Opponent 2:29
Conflict of Hearts 3:47
Unfriendly Rave (GXSCC) 3:02
Bullet Dance (GXSCC) 1:16
A Ferocious Opponent (GXSCC) 2:26
Conflict of Hearts (GXSCC) 2:08

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