8bit Killer OST

Sorry about the lack of updates but I was waiting until Monday to start posting new music on schedule. So since it’s Monday, here we go.

I was plodding through a few indie games when I came across this soundtrack. It’s the soundtrack from the 8bit Killer game. It’s full of chiptuney goodness reminisce of the NES of the past such as Megaman and Castlevania. If you like the soundtracks of those NES series, then chances are you’ll like 8bit Killer’s soundtrack.

There’s a little bit of a problem getting this sound track though. For some reason RushJet1 does not have a way to download just the 8bit killer soundtrack from his site, so you’ll either have to download each track separately on this page, or you have to download all of his songs in either MP3 or NSF format. I’ll provide the track list below for those who want to sort out the soundtrack from the rest of the tracks. Also you can find all the songs in .wav format inside the game’s zipped file, but they are arranged for repeating loop in the game, so it will cut off abruptly for each song if you listen that way. If I can get permission to post the direct download links at the bottom track list or in a zipped format I’ll change this post to reflect that.

My favorite tracks are Konamized, The Hidden Answer and Turbo. You can pick up the tracks at this link.

8bit Killer OST

1. fighting for control (1:47)
2. Konamized (1:49)
3. rocket flight (1:00)
4. Drift (2:33)
5. Dementia (2:37)
6. The Hidden Answer (1:29)
7. Unknown Sector (2:40)
8. Our Revolution (2:22)
9. Turbo (2:50)
10. Aerial Assault (2:23

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