The music of Fishbane.


Alexander Martin or better known by Droqen in the indie community was an awesome enough fellow to release the music for his fantastic game Fishbane. You can download all the songs from the game and listen to some bonus tracks that were never heard before. If you like retro chiptunes, you should love these.

And it’s name your price to download the whole thing in just about any format you please. Check it out.

2 Responses to The music of Fishbane.

  1. JMickle says:

    ok i see where he is going with the whole theme + variation thing, but I think it is much much too literal. The theme should be places much more subtely into the tracks, and each track have a theme of it’s own as well.

    The music is good for a first attempt and “Not Dry Enough” is a great realization of the theme. I’d like to see how Droqen develops in his music.

    Or he could just go back to getting me to do his music :)

  2. KM says:

    I think a variation would of been good, but the game is fairly short so I don’t think it hurts it that badly. A subtler usage of the main theme probably would of been a good thing also.

    On it’s own it’s a pretty short soundtrack at a little under 8.5 minutes. I’m sure next time he does a game soundtrack they’ll be more tracks to listen to.

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