The TIGMN List of Chiptune Resources

This article will be bumped up in the blog when updated as I will add resources as they are found. I’ll put a little updated tag beside whatever is new.

Hey. Do you like chiptune music? Who doesn’t, right? Well guess what. This list is exclusive to chiptune trackers, plugins and any other great chiptune resources to help you make your very own chiptune music! Let’s begin.


Pxtone: This is the tracker that was made by Pixel of Cave Story fame. There are quite a few people out there that like this one, but I don’t have much experience with it myself. There is an English tutorial and download link here that is hosted and written by Buzinkai. If you want the newest version, please head over to Pixel’s website. Warning, it’s all in Japanese so there might be a little sifting around to find it. (Hint, click the music note)

MilkyTracker: Another community favorite. MilkyTracker is a FastTracker like tracker with a lot going for it. Give it a try if you like old school trackers.

ModPlug Tracker: This one I used myself for years. It’s a great tracker with a newer styled interface. You should get a ton of mileage out of this one.

NTRQ: This one is the hardcore of the hardcore if you want pure unadulterated NES music. It literally can be used in an NES  or an emulator.  I only suggest people that really only want absolutely authentic NES tones and workflow use this one.

FamiTracker: Another tracker that does only NES sounds, but can be used in Windows and has a more user friendly interface. I’ve used it before and it is a pretty good tracker. Also it’s still being updated every once in a while.

MadTracker: This one is a classic Tracker that has been used for years. While I have not used it myself, I’ve heard good things over the years. Plus it has VST plugin support!

FastTrackerII: This was a super popular tracker back in it’s day. There are many clones of this tracker out today. It’s also DOS only, so unless you like fiddling with DOSBox I’d stick with a current OS friendly tracker. But if you like to try out trackers from the past, by all means, give it a try.

Renoise (58 euro): A very powerful tracker. If you want top of the line this is probably what you want. It isn’t free but there is a demo you can download, so give it a try. It may be the tracker for you.

Plugins (updated Sept. 3rd)

Free Plugins

Magical 8bit Plug: This is a great little plugin that you can stick into your DAW or tracker and make your own authentic NES tones. While not having the greatest interface, it’s free and gets the job done.

Peach: Want NES tones from certain games but not sure how to make them? Give Peach a try. It’s a free vst loaded with presets that give you tones from some of your favorite games like Legend of Zelda or Castlevania. Plus these can sound awesome if you layer them. Comes with a simple and effective interface. Can’t really recommend this plugin enough.

Triforce: This plugin was made by Tweakbench (maker of Peach) and it is a more hands on NES tone plugin that you can fiddle with. Also comes with an arpeggiator.

Toad: Yet again from Tweakbench (You’re probably better off just downloading all his awesome plugins. :D ) we have Toad which is a dedicated drum synth for authetic NES drum sounds. Very awesome stuff.

Square I: This is a nice little synth capable of chiptune sounds. It’s from Cakewalk makers of Sonar. It is free but you got to sign up to download it. I use this one pretty often.

(Update) YMVST: This is an Atari ST chipsounds emulator VST plugin. It emulates the built in YM2149 sound chip. Very neat stuff in this plugin. Even looks like something from the DOS era. Worth a try.

(Update) S3K: A ‘mono’ synth by Krakli software with a good simple GUI. Nice arpping capabilities for chiptunes.

5 Responses to The TIGMN List of Chiptune Resources

  1. Paint by Numbers says:

    There’s another one called YMVST. It emulates Atari ST sounds, I believe. (Full-on emulates, not samples!) I use it a lot; it’s really powerful and makes some awesome sounds.

  2. KM says:

    I’ll have to check that out. I imagine eventually I’ll have to organize the list a lot better due to sheer amount of chiptune resources out there. Well, one thing at a time.

  3. Oh and the daddy of them all is Chipsounds ( Although, it isn’t free.

  4. KM says:

    Thanks for listing those sites. I’ll check out Woolyss in detail as soon as I get a chance. It’s looks like it has some pretty big lists. :D

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